KICKSTARTER – It’s not VPN, it’s AlwaysHome! Take your content worldwide

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Watch Netflix in China, Hulu in Europe, HBO in Brazil

About this project

Blazing fast speeds… Setup in seconds… no VPN needed…

The SpaceShifting Revolution

The Problem:

If you're a veteran overseas traveler or going abroad for the first time, you'll experience this bitter disappointment after a long day of business meetings or tourism: 

You arrive at your hotel, open your device to relax and binge watch your favorite series onNetflix, Hulu or HBO, only to find "Access Denied" for the country you're in.

 Suddenly you're faced with mundane alternatives like reading a book or watching incomprehensible local television on the hotel set.  

In Asia, Europe, South America, Australia, Africa? A big NOPE on getting your content!

Hello, I think my TV needs an oil change

Our Solution

AlwaysHome is a rid
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