Key Events In The Coming Week: The Worst Jobs Report Since The Depression, ECB, Brexit And More

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News Story Source: Zero Hedge – Tyler Durden
It'll be a reasonably busy week ahead, DB's Jim Reid writes (hot in pursuit of a new office desk) with the US jobs report on Friday the highlight, while also of interest will be the ECB's latest decision on Thursday and whether they'll announce more policy action, along with the release of PMIs (Monday – manufacturing and Weds/Thurs – services) from around the world. Finally, Brexit will return to the headlines as another negotiating round between the UK and the EU takes place. The most violent US riots in decades may also continue indefinitely.

Looking ahead to the key market moving events this week, for payrolls the consensus on Bloomberg is currently expecting -8000k job losses and the unemployment rate to rise to 19.6%, the highest level since the Great Depression in the 1930s, and up from the 14.7% reading in April. Within this it'll be worth looking at the sectoral breakdowns for an idea of which industries are being hit the hardest. For example, in April t
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