Katy Perry Jokes About Illuminati Initiation

Katy Perry Illuminati Rolling Stone Magazine Cover

Illuminati pop princess Katy Perry has somewhat ironically joked about wanting to become a member of the occult secret society in a recent ridiculing and diversionary interview with Rolling Stone Magazine.

The Wide Awake singer and general music business dogsbody who sparked controversy with her 2014 ritualistic Grammy performance of Dark Horse¬†which paid homage to the Satanic Knights Templar and of course its subsequent illuminati-themed music video told Rolling Stone that she has no idea what the illuminati is but if it exists she would “love to be invited!”

Now obviously Miss Perry is either playing dumb for the readers of Rolling Stone and knows full well what she is serving to promote through her music, or, despite her self-evident illuminati-themed material, genuinely doesn’t know what it all alludes to due to the fact she is a mind controlled entertainment industry slave who, when partaking in such ritualistic renditions infont of millions is actually under the malevolent influence and control of her unseen illuminati handlers.

Whichever it is, Katy, just like all the other illuminati industry pawns blindly working to push an occult agenda onto the unconscious pop loving public would never speak seriously of the illuminati influence in her career and instead chooses to laugh off any such accusations referring to them as “crazy” or “weird” just as she did in this prearranged ‘interview’.

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