Kanye Gives Jay-Z a Golden Skull Gift

Posted on June 28, 2012 by IlluminatiWatcher

Kanye gave Jay-Z a gold skull for Father’s Day apparently??… Odd. The skull ran him around $34K. He flew it in via private jet with a courier. Does anyone else find all of this strange? I don’t think I’m TOO quick to jump on the conspiracy bandwagon but I feel that this really stinks of one.

Skulls hold a special place for these Illuminati types. Everyone know the association the skull and crossbones has with the secret societies (Skull and Bones) and also the crystal skulls discussed on Ancient Aliens. In fact, just recently I posted about Alex Jones and his mini-protest of the Memphis pyramid and how they found a crystal skull that had been strategically placed in its apex (http://illuminatiwatcher.com/?p=2626). Skulls have also been seen in several music videos including Florence + The Machine’s “No Light No Light” (http://illuminatiwatcher.com/?p=120).

The skull could symbolize death in this instance, which would explain why Kanye gave it to Jay-Z for a “Father’s Day” present because Hova would’ve gave Kanye new life by the death and destruction of Kanye’s former self and molding him into a top selling artist.

To add to the theory; the skull is made of gold, which is indicative of Illuminati obsession. They’ve obsessed with gold because it symbolizes the sun. Ancient Alien theorists claim that the Annunaki came from another planet and built human beings for the purpose of mining gold, which held a certain amount of significance to the aliens. These aliens interbred with some of the women and created a hybrid bloodline, which is arguably David Icke’s shapeshifters who would go on to form groups like the Illuminati. The obsession with gold has been handed down through the centuries as seen in Egyptian cultures, the Golden Fleece in the Greek mythology, African religions, and especially in the South Americas. The Aztecs said it was literally a product of the gods.

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