Joe Biden Takes a Swipe at Protesters after Thousands of Trump Supporters Holding…

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News Story Source:,by Cristina Laila
Joe Biden traveled to Howell, Michigan on Tuesday to pitch his unpopular $3.5 trillion 'infrastructure' plan.

Thousands of Trump supporters lined the streets on Tuesday to greet Joe Biden as he arrived in Howell.

Trump supporters waved 'F*ck Joe Biden' flags and gave Biden the middle finger as his presidential motorcade drove by.

Biden motorcade point of view of the 'F*ck Biden' signs as he arrived in Howell:

Holy Moly
Michigan welcoming committee for Biden lining up.

— Big Fish (@BigFish3000) October 5, 2021

Joe Biden spoke to a small crowd of people at the training facility for the International Union of Operating Engineers as he claimed he got more than 81 million votes.

Here's the venue:

Here's the venue for the Biden speech. It's a union hall and training facility. International Union of Operating Engineers Local 324
— Dave Boucher (@Dave_Bo
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