Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin faces scathing criticism of safety and culture

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News Story Source:, By Meghan Bartels
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is now considering concerns related to vehicle safety that were raised in a detailed essay published by the Lioness on Thursday (Sept. 30). In the essay, 21 past and current Blue Origin employees, all but one of them remaining anonymous, raise a string of concerns about the company's culture, including allegations of sexism, corporate suppression of dissent, disdain for sustainability and a habit of prioritizing schedules above safety when it comes to New Shepard.

"The FAA takes every safety allegation seriously, and the agency is reviewing the information," an agency spokesperson told in an email.

The allegations come about two months after Blue Origin's founder, Amazon's Jeff Bezos, rode his company's suborbital launch system on an exultant 10-minute long flight, the vehicle's first ever crewed mission — and just days after the company announced that its next crewed mission wo
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