Japan’s Commitment To Peace?

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News Story Source: https://www.libertarianinstitute.org
Japan is not a pacifist nation.  They have a well-funded and trained "self-defense force".  If attacked directly, they have the ability to engage in full-scale military operations – war – to defend themselves.  What their constitution forbids is the use of war beyond their borders to achieve the state's political aims.

Under the hypocritical post-war order of the "Atlantic Charter" and "United Nations", no nation is technically permitted to engage in war aggressively to pursue national interests.  If Japan once again permitted itself to go to war, it would be theoretically for defense.  For instance, maybe China is being aggressive against Vietnam's sea claims.  This, as a threat to Japan and allies' "regional security", would represent an occasion for Japan to aggressively project military force far from Japan's waters.

The Japanese believe that theirs is a nation committed to peace
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