Jackalope Art and Music Festival | Official Trailer

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Learn all about JackFest 2020: https://jackalopefreedomfestival.com/

The 9th Annual Jackalope Freedom Festival is happening August 1st – 10th 2020 in Forest Lakes Arizona

Where spontaneous order happens naturally, without any force, coercion , or aggression.

Jackalope is FREE to camp, Vend, and Attend. Camping spots are first come first serve with many miles of open forest. Jackalope is held on a historic Baca Family land, now called Baca meadows. Bring your goods and services. People accept silver, gold, bitcoin, Trade, and other alternative currencies. There's a Jackalope Hunt for the Kids, a Survival Shelter Competition, and a mesh network competition.

Jackalope's abide by the non aggression principle.

For more information visit https://jackalopefreedomfestival.com/ and join the community on telegram @Jackfest

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