Jack White’s Apollo Hoax Evidence

They’ve now deleted the only copy left of Jack White’s Apollo Hoax book on Scribd.com. Here is a link to all of Jack White’s Apollo Hoax Evidence and below are a few examples of his work:

This is NASA image AS11-40-5922 of the lunar lander supposedly taken on the moon. Is that construction paper, tape, and foil!? Can anybody tell me with a straight face that this is a multi-million dollar space craft?

There is no burn print under the lunar lander’s 10,000 pound thrusters, nor a speck of dust/dirt on the landing pods (as though it was just set down in place), even though NASA scientists in their own documents were worried about the lander falling into it’s massive burn radius.

In these images of Buzz Aldrin we can see his boots and gloves changing colors and shapes. If he was really on the moon then this would mean de-pressurizing his suit time and again for fashion’s sake.

In the top image there are footprints all around but the moon rover has no tracks in front or behind it. In the bottom image there are rover tracks in the foreground but the rover has clearly yet to be unpacked. What gives?

These pictures of the “sun” look and act nothing like the sun but rather like a large studio spotlight.

Remember, the astronauts brought no extra lighting to the moon. The only source of light should be the sun. Does that helmet reflection look like the sun to you? It looks like a spotlight to me.

There is studio lighting reflecting off a black background in the top picture. Subtraction of the yellow and blue from the chroma scale shows this clearly. If that was really the blackness of space, then there would be nothing to refract the light. The bottom picture also shows a similar effect from the lander’s shadow against the studio ceiling.

These pictures all suggest that NASA has taken the liberty of retouching the perfect blackness of “space” and photoshopped a rectangular Earth image into the composites.

Since they did not bring any extra lighting on the lunar lander, the sun was the only light source, so all shadows should be cast in the same direction like the this:

But in dozens of NASA photos there are shadows being cast in up to 3 directions simultaneously, often at almost 90 degree angles. This can only be the result of multiple light sources not available on the moon.

Last but not least, these Apollo 15-17 photographs prove that the same studio backgrounds were being re-used over and over again even though the astronauts were supposedly moving around to completely different locations on the moon. What do people think of all these photographic anomalies? Does anyone still think NASA’s been to the moon? Still trust anything they have to say?

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