It Is Time to Buy a Gun

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My view has been that if you want to own a gun, it is fine with me but that I felt no special desire to own one myself.

I have now changed my view on this. At the present time, we live in an extremely unstable environment.

It is impossible to know what comes next. There is a possibility that things die down and return to relative normality or the madness intensifies with society moving even closer toward the collapse of civility and respect for freedom.

I am too steeped in Austrian school economics methodology to believe I can know how things will play out in advance. But I do know that it could get very bad. I am not saying it will, just that it could.

Under this possibility, I consider it important to own a gun(s).

It may be required to protect your life or property. It may be needed when taking an escape route to a saner place. I don't know.

But this is not the time to just hope things turn out right.

Get a gun, learn how to shoot it and hope you never have
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