IS THIS NAZI GERMANY? French doctor arrested, dragged out of his home for prescribing ivermectin

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News Story Source: Natural News – Ethan Huff
Footage – watch below – shows a mob of masked jackboots forcefully pulling Tharon out of the building against his will as his neighbors and other onlookers scream in horror at the tyranny taking place:

Vidao de l'interpellation de Dr Jean-Paul #Theron madecin libaral ( Polynasie française ) " Laissez moi tranquille" dit il ???? Visa par une plainte du Conseil de l'ordre des madecins son dalit il traîte avec le protocole du Pr Raoult à base d'ivermectine. Honteux #LiberezTheron
— LE GÉNÉRAL. 0FFICIEL???? (@LE_GENERAL_OFF_) September 20, 2021

Tharon's arrest happened at the behest of the Council of the Order of Physicians, which filed a complaint against him for saving lives with ivermectin rather than ending lives with "vaccines."

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