Is The Economy Being Crashed On Purpose?

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News Story Source:, By Bill Sardi
It would appear to me the ship is about to sink and the purser is trying to take everybody's money with him as he rescues himself.  Now recognize, the purser could say he was just making sure everyone's valuables were saved should they survive the sinking or at least preserve passenger valuables for their heirs, in what would be plausible denial.  Or who knows, maybe he will say it was just a drill.

Now to assess a real occurrence.

Two top officials at the Federal Reserve bank resigned a few days ago over revelations they were extensively trading stocks in 2020 when the FED was spending trillions of dollars to stabilize financial markets.  The investments were permissible under the FED's rules, but there certainly appears to be a conflict of interest.  One of the perpetrators made trades worth over $1 million in 22 stocks and index funds.  These are insiders with advance info about market conditions.

You might come to the same conclusion th
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