Investigation of Botched Starliner Test Exposes Boeing's Weakness as a NASA Partner

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News Story Source: MSN – Microsoft News
Boeing has now been given no less than 80 recommendations to put into practice, in what is an alarming display of the problems at the aerospace company.

The 80 recommendations include the 61 presented to Boeing this past March following the first phase of the investigation, according to a NASA press release. Boeing is already working through some of these recommendations and is targeting a second uncrewed test of its CST-100 Starliner system later this year, though an exact date has not been specified.

At a press conference today, NASA officials said the agency's relationship with Boeing remains untarnished and that the company will not play second fiddle to other partners, namely SpaceX.

"I cannot imagine a situation in which SpaceX is the only commercial provider," said Steve Stich, program manager of NASA's Commercial Crew Program (CCP), during the conference.

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