Intel Advances Transhumanist Agenda With “Make it Wearable” Challenge

Transhumanism and the closer integration of so called ‘smart’ technology with the masses has long been an objective of those in control, and a world where every man woman and child are intrinsically and irreversibly linked to an all-encompassing digital super-surveillance mainframe through the technology they consume, is ultimately what they envision.

While this may sound too far-fetched or science fiction like to some, the disturbing reality is that the plan for the technological enslavement of mankind has been underway for some time and we have now reached the pivotal stage where the ‘masterminds’ behind it are slowly introducing the unconscious public to their future digital shackles via the soft selling of ‘innovative’ new smart gadgets that will supposedly serve to ‘enhance’ and ‘advance’ their lives.

It comes as no surprise then when we see tech giants like Intel – the world’s largest and most powerful computer chip producer, promoting the assimilation of this potentially restrictive new technology with our bodies under the smokescreen of ‘convenience’ and ‘creativity’, the latest smokescreen being a challenge from the corporation to find the next big innovators of ‘wearable tech’.

A two minute presentation from the microprocessing giant entitled “Make it Wearable” splices footage of technology industry experts speaking of the “wearable revolution” and the potential to “change the world” with quick flashes of microchips sitting in the hand and even on the wrist – an obvious attempt to sell viewers on the notion that fusing technology with thier bodies can only be a good thing and should be fully embraced.

While technology in itself isn’t inherently evil, the occult coordinated few behind the mass production and promotion of it are, therefore we need to be extremely careful about what we choose (or think we choose) to adopt and accept, especially if has the potential to irreversibly enslave those who become accustomed to it.

Intel Illuminati Chip

Behold, the chip…

Intel Illuminati Chip

…implanted in your wrist…

Intel Mind Control

…to control your mind.

Intel Wearable Tech

“make it wearable…”

Intel Illuminati Eye

“…so that we can watch.”

“Together we have the potential to change the world, to fuse together innovation and technology and really push this emerging category forward…”

– Steve Brown, Intel ‘Futurist’

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