Inside the Mormon Illuminati & US Military Cult (The Final Illuminati Chapter for America)

 Webster Tarpley

A guy named Webster Tarpley was on The Alex Jones Show and he brought up The Mormon Prophesy of the White Horse.  I never really got too much into the Illuminati Aspect of the Mormons because most people don’t know enough about how the Founding Fathers took America from the European Illuminati to even begin to understand how we got the Mormon Cult.
Webster Tarpley hit on enough of true and key points about the Mormon Illuminati and MItt Romney, that I will go ahead and co-sign his check being that Alex Jones wasnt really giving him the time of day, almost to give the impression that Webster Tarpley was lying.  Theres not many people qualified to speak on the Illuminati, like Webster Tarpley and I am not going to leave him on the battle field by himself.
opened the Book of Mormon.
The religion that I am most asked to talk about is by far the Mormon Faith.  When your a young dude, no older than 19 & you are socialized with certain aspect of the Illuminati, like I was back in the day, it is very difficult to unload a bunch of dirt about these people but I did it with Prince William, so I may as well close out these Illuminati Chronicles with the Mormon Post.  When I talked about Prince William, to be honest I cried and puked up, because you feel a gut wrenching betrayal but fuck it.  Reality and history is way more unpleasant than what many people wish to believe or admit.
 His Satanic Mormonism.
I am not even going to put up any naked photos of Rihanna or Ashton Kutcher to make this intriguing, but instead I will leave it as straight text because most people dont have the attention span to read straight text and to be honest, I dont want you to read it.
After the La. Global Oil Company Illuminati Cults and before I fell into the Hollywood Illuminati, there was an in-between time that I happen to get mixed in with the Military/Mormon Illuminati Cult.  And through all of this combined Illuminati exposure, this is how I got an intellectual grip on the REAL Illuminati and not just little aspects.  I know everything that there is to know about how shit works.
 We serve Marine CorpsThe year was 1995 and the location was Camp Pendelton, Ca.  A military base that is so huge that it has its own zip code, bus line, stores, bars and even had beach front property…..oh yeah, we also had sex clubs and orgy rooms!
The only thing that I liked about the U.S. Marine Corp was the sex and the guns.  In fact one armory at Camp Pendelton was like 50 ft up in the air and like 50 ft below the ground.  America has lots and lots and lots of guns!
But of course with me, nothing is normal, because I wasnt even out of boot camp before the Illuminati came knocking. I was kinda a local celebrity in my home town, in global oil company run classes in high school and all of that shit followed me out to Ca. State.  They knew who I was before I even arrived & they were going to toss me straight into cultural intelligence.
Camp Pendleton
Already having grown tired of what appeared to be endless and unnecessary hikes, with full fucking gear, through the hills which run up and down San Diego County, I came upon a scam to get myself re-assigned to a desk job.
I noticed a Navy Doctor had a Voodoo Doll and a sticker from Tulane University in New Orleans hanging and posting up in his office.  At the time, my sister was attending Tulane University in New Orleans so I knew that I had my doc.
I lied and said that I was having shortness of breath and even though he knew that I was lying, simply because I provided him with good conversation on New Orleans, he signed a form saying that I couldn’t do any more hikes for that month.
It appeared that the legal dept where they handled all of the scandalous files on the personnel in that area of Camp Pendelton needed someone that could file and type.  Now being that I used to write editorials for my local small town paper, while in High School, I appeared to be the only person in that entire military base that knew how to use a type writer being that in the early 1990′s most schools didn’t require students to type home work & owning a lap top computer was not a common thing around that time.  I owned a computer since the 1980′s but most households in America, didnt have home computers until the mid to late 90′s.
In fact the more I think about it, there was only a full blooded Native American Guy from New Mexico & myself that actually typed over 15 words per minute and as a result we were just in and out of military offices typing up shit that made no sense, simply because some officer wanted to pretend that they had something important to say.
So, I sat in the office and listened to some Staff Sergeant whine about Singer/Actress & Hollywood Liberal Barbara Streisand and how he wish that this “dumb liberal bitch would just move out of the country.” I gave myself classified clearance and started reading disciplinary files simply because higher-ups are so fucking stupid and never paying attention to anything.
I knew what Corporal was beating up his wife, what Sergeant had a cocaine problem, what private got busted jacking off with another private on the base and which private first class went out, took GHB with a prostitute in Mexico, was robbed and then he and his buddy got back on base and couldn’t pass the piss test. 
I make it a point to be “in the know” which is why I can tell you the shit that I tell you on HollywoodIlluminatiDotCom.  I cant just be a player in part of a larger scheme without me knowing what the entire scheme is, so that I can make a choice to see if I want to play the part.
In the US Military we had religious services for Protestants or Catholics. Even from my boot camp days, they would basically yell out “Protestants to the right and Catholics to the left.”  And believe it or not, this Protestant/Catholic Title covered 99% of all the guys in the Marine Corp.  So, I was going over with the Catholics but for some reason I was directed to go some place else.
I was instructed to go into a little room and there waited some Nation of Islam Types and some Islamic Studies.  Now, at that time I had no urban friends. I didn’t know too much about urban culture except that they were people that lived in government created zones or neighborhoods and didn’t really own anything except the latest pair of Air Jordans.
There is just nothing intriguing to me about urban America.  I don’t find it glamorous and the only reason why I even live in West Hollywood is because parts of L.A. is a mix or urban and rural meaning that even if you live 2 minutes from Sunset Strip you are still only another 2 minutes away from dirt roads and horses.
The only urban blacks that I knew were my cousins that lived in New Orleans and even they lived in these middle class and gated communities which many blacks lived in before Katrina, around Jefferson Parish & my other cousins lived in the better parts of Uptown New Orleans.  But I did have one cousin that got a girl pregnant in high school, got Section 8 (because his mon & step dad wanted them to live in a garage) and became a drug dealer for some out of state white men. They were flying in the drugs at a private airport in Louisiana State!
None the less, I simply didn’t get along with the Islamic ”teachers” because a couple of 40 year old Muslim Black Men talking to me like I was an inmate about some silly Muslim politics, was so far below my IQ level that I quit the studies and they were mad. 
  • The urban culture of America, I don’t care if its rap culture or dressed up NY mess like Sex in the City, it is so artificial, manufactured and fake that it cant even be considered a culture.  There is just nothing about urban life that is of benefit or that isn’t controlled by handlers, in fact most of the people on tv, which do shows out of NYC do not actually live in NYC but instead they live up in places like Westchester County, which looks more rural than urban or even suburban.
When I lived with my sister up in Westchester County area of NY, I may as well have been living in Kentucky because those homes are surrounded by some scary looking wooded areas.  The Northern Suburbs of Manhattan are so dam rural, that one could get lost among a forest.
So, all of these people that are trying to sell you this glamorous life of these mega-cities like Manhattan aren’t living there and the only reason why you see so many Jews living in Manhattan is because the Jews were ghettoized in Europe.  The American Jews are nothing but ghetto garbage and the shit that they try to sell about Manhattan or Chicago is shit that I aint buying.  So, they enjoy breathing in dead skin cells and rust fragments, which are all of the things that one inhales from living in Manhattan.
I lived in NYC for like 3 months and I just had to leave that city and go up into Westchester and tell my sister to get her sofa ready, because mega cities like NY are filty & the reason why people pay $3000.00 per month to live in a NYC closet is because they use media to sell filth and trick you into thinking that it is “hip & high end culture”!
  • The same way that the Illuminati uses music, films, tv, news and even religion to sell you Satan is the same way that the Illuminati uses music,films and tv to sell apartments in NYC for 20 million dollars.
Looking back on it in hind sight, I now know that the CIA recruits from the military pool.
The US and British Intelligence runs all of the radical Islamacist and trains them.  The US and British Intelligence runs all of the hate groups, nation of Islam, ADL, Jewish civil rights groups, black civil rights groups, La Raza, UN NGO’s and Non profits and even the Ku Klux Klan is run by the same people.  The same people that run the ADL, Nation of Islam, Green Peace, Amnesty International & Children International are the same people that run the Ku Klux Klan.
If I wouldn’t be so dam inquisitive, kept my mouth shut and would be the type to just go-along to get-along with the Illuminati, I could’ve been the next Osama Bin Laden. I could have millions of dollars, do the finest of British/German made heroine grown in Afghanistan, fuck 10 different women a night (or men because all of these Islamic Radical CIA/British Tokens swing both ways) and most importantly I could have inspired young, dumb, full of cum Muslim men all over the world to blow up targets and scare some white people with the promise of virgin girls in heaven. Could’ve been so beautiful. 
Me sitting up at the US Pentagon and drinking French Wine with Dick Cheney and discussing the most evil parts of our brilliant minds. I could’ve gotten bail out money and own an estate in South America, like Bush, complete with a private water supply as the oil companies frack the fuck out the US with toxic chemicals.
So after not taking that bait, in came the Mormons.  And these guys had free access to everything.  Number one, they were white rural guys and I was from a white rural town in La State.  The Mormon guys were calm, centered & smart sounding.  Gifted mind control artist, instantly I loved them…until I found out about their ritual system.
Men on a Mission Audition
Mormonism is part of a massive
Number two, while the Catholic Priest was some old 70 year old white guy, the Protestant Preachers were old 50 year old white guys and the Islam people were moody 45 year old black guys, the Mormons were of military age and basically they just blended into the barracks.  The Mormons, all though not enlisted in the military, looked like any other guy.
The Mormon recruiters were in the barracks on week nights (which a special exception was made only for them), they would sit in the bunk (bed) with you and even be in the showers with you.  The US Military is nothing but one big frat.  The entire Mormon Faith is a cover for an anti-American Intelligence Organization that was created by England.
They were doing their littler missionary work, so they were young, not married and basically they all lived together being that these young Mormon guys cant get married or even have sex (all though they do) until after completing these recruitment. Basically they had the exact same lifestyle as young guy enlisted in the military.
Prior to encountering these Mormon Guys, the only thing that I knew about Mormons was that they some how managed to carve out these un-official territories in the U.S. and had 10 wives.
They were impressed because I was going to every meeting and really reading The Book of Mormon.
And to make a long story short, I got really into the Mormon Philosophy for a couple of years.  No other group in America could so openly carve out territories and the reason why the Mormons were able to succeed at this is because they were funded with a lot of money from the European Royal Families that wanted to counter the American Revolution.
On an instinctive level I knew that the Mormon Faith was an illuminati religion that was a safe-guard by Illuminati out of Europe to stop the Founding Fathers from being successful in creating an independent America.
  • The United States is a huge country and even after the American Revolution when we fought off the British, the chances of being able to stop the European Intelligence from starting counter movements, even if it took them hundreds of years, was virtually impossible.
Ever since 1776 the United States has been under attack and most of these attacks are cleverly disguised under the guise of religion or immigration.
Each time that the Illuminati wanted to destroy, take down or re-colonize a society, they used religion and immigration.  Rome took Western Europe via religion and immigration of non-indigenous Europeans and even when the Illuminati made the choice to end Rome, we saw even more flooding of Western European with ethnic darker whites, which help install the European Royal Families.
No civilization simply ends or starts up by accident; PEOPLE END THEM OR START THEM.
  • The Mormon Faith is not an American Faith and has nothing to do with American Heritage and to be honest if our Founding Fathers were still alive today, the only country that they would be aligned with, as of right now, would be Russia.  Russia is very anti-Illuminati and Russia has also fought the same anti-Illuminati fight, sometimes in a very successful manner, that our Founding Fathers had to fight.
 Map of Russia (The ONLY country that is on the world’s stage and is making any sense, as far as a NWO goes, is Russia.  Anyone that can say that our Founding Fathers would not be teamed up with Russia right about now, is simply ignorant.  Russia is where the light is at. The rest of the world is dark with Illuminati Evil including America and if I had a choice to live ANYWHERE in this world, it would be Russia…100%)
Once the Illuminati out of Europe got wind that they would not be able to hold America due to our Founding Fathers, they started a cult up in the NY Area which said that Jews were of Satan and needed to be killed or baptized & that Jews had a soul that was so evil that even after death the Mormon God wants the Mormon Church to baptise Jews. So, this is why Mormons baptise dead jews. 
Some jews think that this is a funny practice to look upon as a joke but these people are deadly serious about thinking that present day jews are the scum of the Earth.  And you wonder why Netanyahu (the leader of Israel) is best friends with a Mormon like Mitt Romney?  Netanyahu is barely someone that likes Jews. Most of Netanyahu friends are people like Mitt Romney or Messianic Circles that are anti-Jewish.
They also wrote that Native Americans were the real Jews and that anyone with dark skin was cursed and dark due to being of sin.  What many people interpret as Mormons saying “blacks are dark due to sin” it is actually not just blacks, which the Mormons attribute this “sin blood line” to but it is also Jews (which tended to be darker than indigenous Europeans), Hispanics and Indians-in other words all of the people which the Europeans wanted to enslave or kill.  It is quite brilliant if you really sat down and think about it.
The Mormon Leaders that were recruited as a counter-movement against a newly formed America that was to be independent from Europe’s Tyranny, were rewarded with child brides and numerous wives.  If you look at how Jihad Propaganda and Osama Bin Laden (which was an agent for the British and CIA) recruited suicide bombers and terrorist, you keep hearing the promise of 17 Muslim Virgins waiting for them in heaven.  This is not something that was created by Islam or the Islam faith but instead this narrative was a recycled narrative that was created by the CIA and European Intelligence.
Like I said, all of this shit is fake.  Organize Religion is fake and its all of the same dumb shit being used on the same dumb people over and over again.
Religions were the main tool of Illuminati control and domination and for the most part it has worked really well.
With Judaism and Christianity (even the Jesus Myth aspect of Christianity) I can at least look back and find out how they took earlier text, remixed it and then created the religions.
Even with Islam, we can look at Judaism and Christianity and reverse engineer the text and motives.  Even in New Age Circles, one can trace a lot of the texts from India but there is nothing that supports Mormonism. 
These so called Mormon Prophesies (all that call for ending America) are based on nothing other than some Illuminati from Europe pulling propaganda out of their ass!
I mean these people literally pull shit out of their ass and people believe it!  How in the hell can anyone believe that Space Aliens, which used GMO food to extend their life, created human slaves to work in gold mines & lived in castles located in Southern Iraq and happen to all look like Prince William be something that is real.  How can anyone not understand that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to sit around, create fake artifacts and then put them on display at a University or Museum in order to achieve a political objective?
I try to explain to people the simplest of shit, which is good ole fashion evil about the Illuminati and people argue with me but some Europeans weave tales of Prince William Space Aliens that created man-kind to work in mineral mines, keep in mind that Prince William and the British Royals own nearly every single mineral mine in the world, and the public just eats it up like I-Hop Pancakes?  I mean really?
There are Mormon Temples that contain five stories of secret rooms beneath the ground, where they have child sacrifice and molestation rituals.  Not because Mormonism is some old and inspired religion, because it isn’t, being that Mormonism strictly was forms by the Illuminati to counter the Founding Fathers’ America, but instead these Mormons are just doing this stuff because they are crazy. 
Yeah, there is some Hebrew found in Native American Cultures but this wasn’t something that Joseph Smith came up with but instead early Americans (which were Illuminati) knew this history because all one had to do was study texts from Sudan and West Africa, to see that Jewish Africa reached all the way from Ethiopia, into Egypt and over into parts of present day America.
Even before the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, if one went to parts of Mexico and Central America, we find Native “Latinos” that were mixed with African/Asian.  So, even before Africans were supposedly first brought over to “The New World” there evidently was some Africans living in the Americas and clearly there were some Native Americans that had contact with Africa, which is why you often find writings that resemble Hebrew or hieroglyphics in Native American Culture.
The same Illuminati that gave us the Christian Crusades, which mass murdered millions of people are also the same ones that gave us the Islamic Crusades.  The same Dutch Illuminati that gave us slavery and the salve trade into the Americas are also the same ones that gave us the Holocaust and now these people want to fight the last battle to destroy America and they are activating their Mormon Card.
The entire CIA at lower levels, are drawn from the Mormon Population. Even if we look at where the CIA (which is  a foreign European owned terrorist organization) is putting up all  of these new spy centers, they are popping up in Utah and in other Mormon Strong Holds.
The job of a Mormon, since day one, was to destroy the US Constitution, break up America and to steal it from the Founding Fathers, which the Mormons view as terrorist, and the descendants of the Founding Fathers and give this county back over to the Illuminati in Europe.
  • Every crime and egregious act of genocide in history, including the Sept 11 Terrorist Attacks, were orchestrated by the very same shadow groups which the Founding Fathers fought of in 1776. They will NEVER leave us in peace.  America just pisses them off, particularly if you are not from an immigrant that arrived after 1930.
These people that gave us the Civil War, genocide of blacks, poor whites and native Americans, religions that preach a love of prosperity, Mid East Wars, slavery, prisons, drugs and even the “Bath Salt” synthetic drugs are a creation by the British and moved into the US by Mormons working at the CIA, are the same ones that want to finally end this country and they want to use the Mormons to do it.
Unless you have ancestors that date back to Pre-Revolution America, you don’t have the same genetic memory because you are basically from some place else, and the Illuminati knows this.  You cant smell the flames until it is your flesh burning.
These European Illuminati have kicked out these peasants from their life of bondage in Europe, made them think that they were going to have lives in America that would give them significance for generations to come, only to use these immigrants to help install a system that all but guarantees that their kids and grand kids are now put back into European Peasant Bondage, except this bondage will happen to them in America instead of London, Italy or Ireland.
These people are brilliant and this Mormon Scam is so dam genius that I hate to even expose it.  The Mormon Bomb planted into America by the Illuminati is SO FUCKING GOOD that I HATE to even discuss it.
Satanic Israeli peaceIsrael sexually abusing patients, for years, at a hospital (Such a “godly” kinda place, huh? Oh yea, its a real “Holy Land”)
File:ZECHARIA SITCHIN.jpg Ancient AliensAnnunaki eyes caughtontape Ancient Aliens Exposed! (Simply because something comes on The “History” Channel doesnt make it real history and simply because some European archeologist shows you some artifacts & tells you a story doesn’t mean that it is true.)
Chris Brown Halloween CostumeChris Brown dresses up as an Islamic ”terrorist” for Rihanna’s Party and scares some white people

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