INFRASTRUCTURE COLLAPSE: Train Crashes Into Truck In Perth, Australia – Transportation Services Suspended, Causing Peak-Hour Chaos For Commuters!

The train hit the back end of a truck caught at a level crossing in Perth’s western suburbs, causing peak-hour chaos for commuters.

March 5, 2015 – PERTH, AUSTRALIA
– A train has hit a truck at a level crossing on the Fremantle line.

The Perth-bound train clipped the rear of a mid-sized truck which was waiting to turn onto Curtin Avenue at the Victoria Street crossing at about 4.40pm.

No one on the train was injured and the driver of the truck was also unharmed.

Train services were suspended between Loch Street and Fremantle for about 90 minutes, leaving hundreds of commuters waiting to get on replacement bus services at Loch Street station.

Mosman Park resident Michael Raj waited for more than 30 minutes to catch a bus.

Mosman Park resident Michael Raj waited for more than 30 minutes to catch a bus.

Train services were delayed while there was traffic chaos after the crash. Picture: Sean Middleton

Crews clean up after the collision. Picture: Sean Middleton

“I have been working for about 10 hours and I just want to get home,” he said.

East Fremantle resident Jana Boffey said the interruption to her journey home would not deter her from using public transport in future.

“We were waiting for a train in Perth and an announcement came up that we had to get off at Loch Street,” she said.

“This type of thing happens every six months. It won’t stop me from using public transport.”

Railway Road near Claremont was lined with people this evening, and replacement buses were packed with commuters. – Yahoo Australia.

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