INFRASTRUCTURE COLLAPSE: Amtrak Train Crashes Into Truck In Halifax, North Carolina – Low-Boy Trailer Obliterated; No Injuries!

March 9, 2015 – NORTH CAROLINA – An Amtrak train collided with a tractor-trailer truck on the tracks at NC-903 and US-301 in Halifax Monday.

Pictures from Chopper 11 HD showed the train’s engine on its side and the luggage car off at an angle to the tracks.

WATCH: Amtrak train derails in N. Carolina after truck collision.

A passenger car behind the luggage car also derailed, but remained upright.

Halifax County officials said there were injuries.

The cab of the truck was intact, but the low-boy trailer carrying some kind of large load covered in a large blue tarp was obliterated by the force of the impact.

An ABC11 Eyewitness viewer posted video of the impact on Twitter.

The train – the #80 Carolinian – was headed north from Raleigh with an eventual destination of New York with stops in major cities like Philadelphia.

Unhurt passengers were being loaded onto waiting buses. – ABC11.

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