Influence Persuasion (by Simon Stanley and Alvin Huang)

step2[1]When I was first showed Influence Persuasion (by Simon Stanley and Alvin Huang), my first thought was, “Not another BS product.”

I doubted I could gain any new knowledge from it, much less write a glowing review about it.

Now, you must understand that I’ve reviewed dozens, maybe even hundreds of self-help products in my day, and there were very, very few that stood out for me.

Very few had that “wow” factor that made me think they were worth shelling out any amount of money.

So like I said, when I first heard word of Influence Persuasion, I wasn’t at all impressed by its sales pitch.

However, as I read through the ebook, I was surprised by the comprehensive range of techniques covering the various aspects of daily life.

I even started to believe that it was indeed possible to exert one’s influence using a few simple (and often overlooked) techniques.

See it for yourself over here

The basic principle that Simon and Alvin try to get across is that in order to persuade someone successfully, it is important to first master yourself i.e. your beliefs, behavior and your state of mind.

They make it a point to explain that the stuff you’re going to learn won’t make you some super psychic able to pull off a Jedi mind trick on others, but rather, you’ll receive a heightened understanding of yourself and your innate capabilities, something which you can utilize to the best of your efforts, and something entirely within you.

Ok, so let’s go into a bit of specifics here so you know what I’m talking about.

There is a section in the book on mirroring, which I find not only useful, but essential in my line of work.

Mirroring refers to the copying of behavior, usually of the other party, in a social situation.

You may think – Copying? That’s it? This is a technique that gets me influencing others?

Don’t underestimate this little trick.

When you mirror the other party’s behavior, you’re actually sending out a strong (subconscious) message. A message that says, “Hey, I’m thinking along the same line as you are.”

Mirroring is quite common in conversation. Say, your potential client talks about sports metaphors. If you can parry along similar ideas, that gains you critical brownie points.

But of course, that means you have do some prior research on your client; finding out his or her personal likes and dislikes.

If you can see how this will turn the outcome favorably to you, you’ll definitely jump onto the bandwagon. Taking some time to find out more about your potential client is not a difficult task, and it will reap potential rewards and further open up doors for you or your organization!

Through this simple act of mirroring, you will subtly influence behavior to your advantage.

That’s just an example of what I learned within the Influence Persuasion ebook.

Throughout this very informative ebook, there are various other easy-to-learn techniques, tips which you can apply to real-life situations this very minute, like using the power of influence to ace that interview, establishing trust, and get this, awesome tips to impress that chick at the bar.

One great thing about Influence Persuasion is that it’s really a complete course. You don’t get just an ebook with your purchase, but you also get a video series called Fast Track Influence.

The video series is actually a selection of the best parts of the book, distilled into several modules that you can watch at your own leisure and absorb the information easily, in a convenient format.

This is great if you’re keen on very specific problems, like how to be influential in the workplace or in your personal life (which is really the meat of the entire course). It’s also great for those of you who can’t be bothered poring through pages and pages of text.

The one thing that sealed the deal for me was the bonus of Life Secrets Unlocked. It’s essentially a one month free trial to a life mastery course that is perhaps the most comprehensive I’ve ever seen.

With Life Secrets Unlocked, Simon promises to be your personal success guide, likening himself to a life coach that you can have access to whenever you need him. He teaches you great stuff on how to succeed in your career, how to build great relationships and loads of other great stuff, with the end goal being creating the life you’ve always dreamed of.

So not only are you getting a complete persuasion course, you’re also getting an entire life “makeover” course.

Needless to say, if you ever want to succeed and get ahead in life, you need to put in a lot of effort. There’s no way around it, no shortcuts that can give you everything you want overnight.

As the old saying goes, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

The good news is, the first step’s being done for you.

The Influence Persuasion course definitely has all the elements needed for you to succeed in life. I definitely recommend getting Influence Persuasion, because for all its life changing potential, it’s great value for money and worth every penny as an investment in your lifelong success.

It’d be worth your time checking it out over here.


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