Indisputable Science

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Indisputable Science

by Stephen Lendman

What US/Western dark forces — including their public health fraudsters — and supportive MSM press agents suppress about flu/covid is most crucial for everyone to know.

A personal note:

Well into my 9th decade, I refuse to be silent about the most important issue in world history.

Nothing preceding it approached the gravity of what's going on.

Made-in-the-USA by diabolical dark forces in cahoots with Western partners, Pharma and supportive media, virtually everything mandated and urged since last year is all about irreversibly harming maximum numbers of people worldwide.

Staying silent about the most diabolical crime against humanity imaginable borders on complicity with what's going on.

Supporting it shares equal guilt with the crime of the century and all others preceding it.

Noncompliance, resistance and civil disobedience were never more urgent than now.

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