In South Africa White Farmers Reportedly Arm Themselves Amid New Murders,Attacks

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While the South African government is seeking to expropriate land from whites through a constitutional reform, the local opposition, civil rights activists and social media commentators have raised the alarm about more killings of white farmers and blame the ruling ANC for neglecting crimes, some of which have been described as racial.

The recent murder of an elderly white couple in South Africa has triggered another round of debates of violence against white land owners. According to the South African Crime Intelligence & Community Awareness page, Coleen Engelbrecht was strangled with an iron cord, while the intruders cut her husband's throat. The killing has become another episode in a wave in brutal farm attacks in rural areas. According to South African News, in April such crimes made headlines as six of them were registered within just three days. The splash of violence has triggered uproar on&nb
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