IMF Poll Shows Real Demand For Crypto Payment Solutions

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News Story Source:, Iliya Zaki
The choices include cash, cryptocurrency, a mobile phone, and bank card. The choice of Cryptocurrency received 56% of the 37,000 votes and the next choice was via mobile phone with 27%. Therefore, could IMF's poll serve as a clue to what lies in the future: Mass Adoption of Cryptocurrencies? The potential of Crypto Payments being the main method of payments is very real.

Merchants Accepting Crypto Payments Are Increasing

Kaspersky's money report 2018 survey found 13% of people have used crypto payments. The study collected responses from more than 12,000 consumers in 22 different countries. There is an increasing number of businesses offering cryptocurrency as a payment method. Businesses include retailers and food outlets that accept crypto payments. Vitaly Mzokov, Head of Verification, Growth Center at Kaspersky Lab said:

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