Illuminati Set to Target High Profile Hollywood Actors with Red Cross Ritual!

The main problem faced by the Illuminati and this supposedly New World Order is that these people were supposed to be capping the famous unfinished pyramid in the year 2000 and as we can see the Illuminati Pyramid, which is on the US Currency is still unfinished. Why? Because even though the New World Order allegedly subscribes to the Commandments carved into those Ga. Guide stones located in Northern Ga. these people have gotten so out of control that they simply refuse to move past the first commandment which speaks about maintaining the world’s population under 500,000 humans.
The Illuminati thinks it is cute to be hated and surprised because they were banking on a string of chemical, nuclear and biological attacks on certain countries as they all sit in these extensive networks of under ground cities but now these under ground hide-aways are being blown up by a break away group, who also sees no method to their madness.
The Illuminati of today is not our grandfathers Illuminati.
What if Gadeffi of Libya had stables of 9 year old little boys, being used as sex slaves and kept in the UAE, like we see with the Saudi Arabs?  What if Gadeffi had a Gitmo Torture Prison, sitting in Cuba like America?  What if Gadeffi was having sex with under age girls like we see with the political heads of Italy and Germany? 
The bottom line, is that the Illuminati, which has been tearing down and rebuilding civilizations for thousands of years, has simply lost their minds and are too caught up into the financial objectives of major corporations like General Electric and the oil industry, who simply want things to stay in a constant state of high alert and chaos until they work their agenda of personal enrichment and greed.  This New World Order sounds like an Old World Order.
These people have no over-all sense of anything to do with a New World Order, but instead the entire Illuminati is being dragged down because there are multiple players, who want an ideal situation for themselves at the expense of the greater objectives.  As a result, for 100 years, the only thing that the Illuminati has been focusing on is the killing of people. 
 I mean, Bill Gates, the front man of Microsoft, doesn’t even talk about Microsoft at meetings any more but instead every time you hear this man speak, it is about virus, population control and vaccines!  I mean really? And you wonder why the world is waking up and trying to peek behind the matrix veil, to see the wizard.
One of the Illuminati Commandments is to respect nature and not to be a cancer on the Earth but the Illuminati and their corporate bi-polar surrogates are a cancer upon the Earth.
So basically the New World Order has offered nothing of benefit to anyone and has simply turned into a click of psychopaths that have become very skilled at viral warfare.  Well, how could any sane person be apart of this mess?  A sane person cant.  There is simply no reason for anyone to go along with anything that is happening in this world.
But leave it to Hollywood White Trailer Trash Gentiles, the lowest of the lowest life forms, to all be trying to jump on the band wagon and they appear clueless that they are playing with a dangerous fire.
Its Illuminati Party Time Bitches!
Illuminati Intelligence Report. (Shit that I aint supposed to be talking about)
There is an Illuminati Intelligence Report. Not the silly CIA fraud propaganda reports that goes to everyone from Senator Diane Fienstein of Ca, to the ADL, to Congress all the way down to the NAACP.  I am speaking about something even more secretive than the CIA.
What is the Illuminati Intelligence Report saying? They are wanting to start doing Red Cross Rituals!  This means that these people are pissed and they are pissed because people aren’t buying the terrorism narrative, the under ground bases have been getting bombed by a US Break Away Elite Military Unit, Israel found out about the America/Arab/European Plots to usher in a 3rd World War by having Iran use American Provided Neutron Bombs to wipe out Israel which triggerd the bombing of the nuclear plant in Japan and there is now a huge back lash having to do with the Libya mess.
In two years time, the Illuminati is predicting that the Western World aka “White People” will be so upset with the United Nations and “Super Powers” that a major global riot will not only occur but also drive them back under ground, like what happened in 1800′s America.
So, a remedy to this is to break out the Red Cross Rituals.  The Red Cross Rituals were started in Virginia State, in the 1700′s and it basically is code word for making a major global transition, like when America was being formed, via blessings from Satan.
The Christian Cross is a pagan symbol.  Before Christianity, demonologist in ancient Africa would summon the Watchers, which are thought to be powerful demons that sit some where in the four corners of the Earth.
Even in Celtic Witchcraft, the pagan tribes of Europe would open their ceremonies by “calling the four corners” or North, South, East and West.  This is why the cross has four points, because these four points actually represent where demons are housed and even in the Book of Enoch, which was banned from the Christian Bible outside of Ethiopia, one can clearly see that there are certain areas of the Universe, that exist simultaneously with our dimensions and these dimensions have certain locations.
Now, if you add human sacrifices to the cross, you get a bloody red cross and this is really where America got their Red Cross, which is a UN Lucifer Organization. The Red Cross of today, goes to battle fields because these people view war as a form of human sacrifice, which is why we are always at war now a days.
The Red Cross wasn’t formed by some woman, during the Civil War or even in 1863 as people may think but instead the Red Cross was founded by the Illuminati in Va State, as a form of ritual slaughter in effort to have Lucifer bless the land and of course Lucifer’s blessing are really a bloody curse.
(notice the pose in the two photos)
This is why the Red Cross of today is always asking for blood donations.  This blood really goes to other things other than “saving lives”.  The Red Cross Blood Drives not only provide blood to high up Satan Worshippers around the world, like Al Gore, who keeps human blood on hand, which he drinks but the Red Cross also provides blood to race-specific bio-weapons warfare research.
Now if the Illuminati is talking about Red Cross Rituals, this means that in about two years time, all of these high profile idiot actors, that work for the UN and do all of their satanic bidding will be asked to go be “humanitarian ambassadors” in places, where we simply need to justify the killing of people, like Africa, but the high profile person will be killed and this killing will be blamed on some African or Asian Terror Group.
We have already saw a lighter version of this, when the military killed Pat Tilman in Afghanistan and even when the CIA killed the Christian Missionaries and blamed it on Al Shabab in Somalia, which now has innocent Africans sitting in American Prisons, over something which they aren’t even guilty of.
So, you have been warned Hollywood.  Keep up your bullshit, like Ben Affleck thinking its cute to help promote genocides in The Congo or Scarlett Johansson, releasing photos of herself, blaming it on hackers to help advance a new and fake “Internet threat” and then being rewarded by getting a contract with the UN to go and speak on the supposedly famine in East Africa. 
 Never mind that the reason why those Africans are starving is because the US and Europe have stolen 70% of their farm land and are stopping the farmers from growing crops.  This is how dirty these people are and so if the Illuminati breaks out these Red Cross Rituals, I will surely make my suggestions.
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