Illuminati Darling, China Faces Upheaval

(left, the poverty gap)

China, the engine of Global prosperity, faces political upheaval in the decades to come.

by St. John Bartholomew 


Some geopolitical thinkers forecast that China will suffer great upheavals and possibly collapse within the next  decades. In his book ‘A Brief History of the Future’ Illuminati-insider Jacques Attali writes:


”Around 2025, the Communist party, by then in power for seventy-six years (no other party in the world has remained in power for more than seventy years), will in one way or another fade away. Great disorder will reign for a time… new democracy might even emerge, looking very much like the warlord-dominated democracy of 1912. If China then fails to maintain its unity (a possibility that cannot be discounted), it will participate in the general process of nation-deconstruction.”

After his recent trip to the country, CFR President Richard Haas wrote:


‘I have been traveling to China for more than three decades, but never have I encountered a Chinese leadership so uncertain of the country’s future. It is little exaggeration to say that the world’s most populous country is on its heels.’


China is indeed starting an economic downturn that will exacerbate their serious demographic and political problems.


China’s era of rapid growth has ended. It was fueled by ever-increasing exports but the economic decline in Europe and the US is being felt.


The Chinese economy is in reverse gear. According to Hong Kong University Professor Larry Lang, last year the Chinese GDP decreased 10%;the inflation rate was 16% and regime debt totaled 36 billion yuan!


The Communist leadership needs to transform the economy. The World Bank recently published a report entitled ‘China 2030: Building a Modern, Harmonious and Creative Income Society’, that outlines necessary reforms. 

However, they weaken Party power. For example: the World Bank asks China  to liberalize markets and split up the government, state enterprises and the private sector. This is like asking the Mafia to give the little guy a chance!

Here are a few of China’s problems:


–      There is extreme and growing inequality between rich and poor, the coast and the hinterland, the cities and the countryside.

–      Due to the one child policy- by 2025 China will have 40 million single young men and a rapidly ageing society with no discernible pension provision, health care or social security system in place.

–      Abandoned children- Due to both parents leaving to find work in cities, there are 23 million children under the age of five living apart from both parents.

Wukan-protests.jpg(left, a Labor Protest)

–     The Democratic Deficit- people are increasingly resisting the CCP. Last year there were thousands of protests across China, some of which forced policy changes and the dismissal of government officials.

–      Potential food shortages and droughts:China is experiencing rapid environmental degradation, water shortages and the desertification of already arid and semi-arid regions.

–      Increasing calls by ethnic groups such as the Tibetans and Uighurs for independence. The situation in Tibet is particularly serious: last year 23 Tibetans committed self-immolation in protest against state repression.



The DCDC Global Strategic Trends Programme (2007-36) predicts the Chinese leadership will attempt to unite the country by promoting nationalism and may embark on military adventures to externalize social tensions, especially among the 40 million single young men!


Clearly, the situation is serious enough to believe the country could collapse in the coming decades. This begs the question…Why are the Illuminati investing so heavily in a country that may collapse?

The Communist Party may fall in the coming decades, but the strong  State they have formed will probably remain to be governed by the next occupants.


Many in the Chinese establishment recognize that the Party has a shelf life. Outgoing Premier Wen Jiaobao recently stated:


‘I believe China’s democratic system will, in accordance with China’s national conditions, develop in a step-by-step way, there is no way to stop this.”

The Illuminati has close ties with the China power elite. They are a merger between the Beijing leadership, Hong Kong tycoons and the Triads. They are led by ‘Asia’s most powerful man’ Sir Li Ka Shing.


The kingpins of this group, encompassing China’s financial and corporate leaders, would also dominate a democratic China.


The Illuminati have carved the planet into various free trade regions.  The wealthiest of these is APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) featuring 21 countries, including China, the US, Canada, Korea, Australia and Japan. APEC is the economic foundation for the emerging Asian Pacific Union.


China will be the dominant power in this region. This is the reason why they are currently funding infrastructure projects in California.


On the economic side: China has been set up as the largest manufacturer in the NWO.  

The Illuminati believe the Chinese are the best race to man their New World Order. In 1873, te ‘father of eugenics’ Sir Francis Galton (1822-1911) wrote a letter to The Telegraph newspaper advocating that they utilize the Chinese people to develop the African continent.


In the letter, he expresses disgust for various races but praises the ‘order loving’ Chinese.


They ‘possess an extraordinary instinct for political and social organization’, and ‘a remarkable aptitude for a high material civilization.’


‘They are good-tempered, frugal, industrious, saving, commercially inclined, and extraordinarily prolific.’


Today the Chinese are all over Africa and recently paid for the construction of the African Union headquarters!  

The Illuminati trust the Chinese people to pull through whatever trials they face.

China is projected to be the world’s wealthiest country and houses 1/5 of the world’s population. The future of this great land will have a large impact on the success of their New World Order!

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