Illuminati – 2012

Illuminati - 2012

What if everything you have been taught to trust and believe is a lie?

What if there is a secret government within our own that has been in place for centuries? What if that organization is using its money, power, and the worship of their god to bring about the end of times? What if there was nothing you could do to stop it?

Illuminati – 2012 will take you into the very depths of human corruption and wickedness while it enlightens you to the true meaning of good versus evil and the power of faith that is in all of us. The main character, Ethan Swan is enormously seductive; a young man who is thrust into a surreal world of darkness, lies, and a horrifying truth. He is rage personified; the kindness inherent in all of us; a lost and forsaken soul; he is the ‘light’ that keeps us struggling day after day. He is a hero; a warrior; perhaps even a man simply fighting for his beliefs. He is all of these embodiments and yet, so much more.

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