If You're Waiting For A Vaccine Mandate To Stand Up For Yourself, You're Waiting Too Long

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News Story Source: https://www.lewrockwell.com By Allan Stevo
Dear Allan, 

Our high school will not allow students to attend dances if they have not been vaccinated. Due to the vaccine not being mandatory, this is illegal. They do not have anything in place for religious exemptions. I wanted to speak to an attorney so that they can write a letter on the behalf of the parents of unvaxxed students. Does anyone know of an attorney who could help us?  

There is a lawsuit that will come out tomorrow where a federal judge halts Western Michigan University's forced vaccine policy after the school denied students an exemption based on their religious beliefs.

Thank you so much in advance for any leads.  

-High School Mom 


Very sick, this idea of a kid having his arm twisted to take the vaccine so he can go to prom like everyone else. While you don't write it in your letter, any school that would have come up with this policy is a school that is also masking your child &mdas
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