I guess I need to take my Cue “Fuck it I Quit”

I guess I shall take my cue from the black female on air journalist in Alaska and say ‘Fuck It I Quit’


In the mean time, you can enjoy such other lovely websites like former Head of the Ku Klux Klan and former Louisiana Congressman, David Duke @ Davidduke.com or the anti-government rantings of Alex Jones, a man promoted by Time Warner. And as if Rupert Murdoch of Newscorp doesn’t make a living at going all around and promoting ethnic hatred via t.v. Yet we are all forced and subjected to their media abuse.

This website is TABLOID and only gets like 130 to 200 people per hour unless there is some major Half Time Show or VMA mess happening.  In the United States of America; Alex Jones, Rupert Murdoch, Hamas and David Duke=GOOD!

Different standards for different people.

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