Hypnotic Memory: Creating The Perfect Memory with Hypnosis

Hypnotic Memory: Creating The Perfect Memory with Hypnosis

What is The Learning Place? The Learning Place is training that consists of the client working with a hypnotist/trainer for three consecutive days. The goal is to improve the client’s ability to learn. What does The Learning Place do? Having gone through The Learning Place training the client will notice several improvements in their ability to learn, retain and recall important information. 1. They will be able to learn information more rapidly than ever before. 2. They will learn information with much less effort. 3. They will retain the information for the rest of their life. 4. They will easily recall the information when it’s needed. 5. They will experience learning as fun, enjoyable and exciting. This book is part of a complete course for skilled hypnotists that includes Four audio CDs. If you can prove you purchased this this book the author will you the CDs at no cost.

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