Huge Bitcoin correction now imminent as "Bitcoin fever" takes hold…

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News Story Source: Natural News
(Natural News) ANALYSIS: I'm putting out this time-sensitive alert to all our readers and fans who currently own Bitcoin. While Bitcoin is infinitely more honest than any central bank or government-run fiat currency system, it is also subject to extreme volatility and buy/sell manipulation by nefarious parties such as governments. As Bitcoin skyrockets past $2200 (USD), a very large correction now looks imminent.

In 2013, I issued a public warning that Bitcoin was wildly overpriced, urging people to sell the peak. Within 24 hours, Bitcoin plummeted more than fifty percent in value. Now, almost four years later, all the signs are telling me that Bitcoin is due for another very large correction — I estimate a roughly 1,000-point drop — which could cut its current value in half (compared to fiat currencies such as the USD).

Bitcoin has achieved an extraordinary rise over the last 12 months, skyrocketing from about $600 to a recent peak of $2300. In jus
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