How You Can Handle Discouragement

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Feature Article by Frosty Wooldridge
At some moments in our lives, we feel depressed or "low" from something that happened to us.  We might suffer a defeat on the sporting field.  We may lose a friend or spouse.  At some juncture, we may grieve our circumstance in a hopeless job or situation.

When the world contrives against us, our emotions may thrust us into emotional turmoil where "things" seem insurmountable. Depression drags us into a rut.  Please understand this fact:  no one possesses enough money, fame or power to overcome setbacks or failure at some juncture in his or her life.   No matter what your station in life: a movie starlit, world leader or the richest person on the planet, a dark cloud may descend upon you at any moment in your life's journey.

That moment may precipitate from:

You suffered defeat on the sports field, missed the final shot

You failed in your attempt at love with someone, you su
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