How societies crumble and why my generation is the nail in the coffin

I’d like to start by telling you about myself, i am a sixteen year old Australian  boy with a dream to join the armed forces. I have grown up with all the luxuries of the modern era, limitless entertainment and an encyclopedic knowledge at my fingertips that no one else in my generation seems to use for much other than entertainment and creepy, Orwellian style socialization. I seriously cannot see my generation doing anything other than obeying big brother and jumping ignorantly into the totalitarian rabbit hole, for this civilization is at an end. But will it give birth to a new and more sinister one? Allow me to use history as my testimony to a future world with a hundred generations of sheep.

Since civilization began the ruling class, or the itelligencia has found a way to become black shepherds. Herding the masses into their dark and selfish plots, but something about them has always, at least somehow appealed to the masses. In the land of the Jews it was the Pharisees. The Pseudo moralistic Rabbi class who twisted the word of the god into a mathematical, systematic, oppressive regime. Using their intellect to make up unnecessary and parasitic laws in their favor. Jesus openly despised this class of people and for good reason.

In ancient Rome it was first military power, engineering and ingenuity. Rome functioned well for nearly five hundred years before it declined, and it wasn’t barbarians at the gates that made it crumble, it was lady decadence. Lady decadence the scourge of mankind. What does infinite wine, sex, food and bathing do to someone? It creates expectation, and a generation of relaxed, weak people who can simply push problems away. The emperors in Rome eventually began to run out of gold to pay for the lifestyle of themselves and their decadent, demanding people so they diluted the Denarii in led, ever so slightly, more and more until it became just a brightly colored piece of lead, it was no longer gold and no longer worth much to the people. The fact that currency, the very soul of economic trust and trade was corrupted like it was disheartened people more. They began thinking that it was worthless and money became nothing more than the unworthy promise of some fat, hedonistic emperor and his, greedy, fat cat followers. Western Rome went into a grievous amount of debt that it could never pay off and finally it became nothing more than a shadow of its former self and it was eventually brought down and the world plunged into chaos.

The United States currency was once backed on a gold and silver standard. Richard Nixon, (who was likely the puppet of another group of people, like the Rockefeller family, the Rothschild family, Goldman-Sax, JP Morgan) decreed that the gold and silver standard should be abolished and that the US currency was to become fiat, meaning it could be printed infinitely on demand, not by the Government, but by the private banking corporations who fund the government, believe it or not. Shocking isn’t it? But this is completely factual. The Middle East campaign also served only to ensure that all oil was priced in US dollars, an attempt to make the fiat currency forcibly the only choice for all nations. When the fiat dollar is rejected, which it will be America will fall, as its trade and gain is based predominantly on manipulation and deceit.

It seems day by day that the American government gets more and more radical, ten years ago I would have supported the destruction of the second amendment but now I think it may actually be a necessity. Look at Ferguson, the police have instated marshal law and pulverize their citizens, who riot, their freedom a lie, their future is nothing. The Occupy Oakland protest was peaceful protest that resulted in a massive overreaction by the police, who fired tear gas, rubber bullets and unleashed dogs onto protesters questioning the values of the corrupted system of capitalism. An Iraq war veteran was shot in the head with a rubber bullet and killed. No compensation was made, or even an apology.

The NSA spying crisis and the persecution of Julian Assange and Edward Snowden was evidence that freedom of speech and privacy is a thing of the past. And that the United States government is quickly turning into a trustless, Orwellian society, using technology and god knows what else to achieve their ultimatum of raw and extreme power. But you already know all this.

What the critical point is, is that while everything is going on, no one within a ten year age gap of myself seems to care. They leave themselves in the arms of a tyrannical and worsening government, and expect them to take care of it. No one can fathom a world where they will not have an elite class of deep state fat cats bribing them with entertainment and false promises of a happy future.

The educated class of my generation i find especially disturbing. The educated class, the university students  lead a culture of the hypocritical political correctness that we all know and love so well, and that the elite uses to it’s advantage to eliminate civilian rights and freedom of speech. This is used to silence certain truths and also as a means to control and dumb down the educated class.

I’d lastly like urge people to take more action. Edmund Burke said “evil flourishes when good men do nothing.” The reason these shadow organisations thrive is because those who know about them just talk, and they just talk in their own groups. With the highest amount of respect i beg of all who are reading this to do more than just talk and post comments. Try however you can while the control of the time still belongs largely to you to try however you can to topple the Elite’s regime. I will do my part but i fear by the time i am of age i may very well be a Winston, i haven’t ever met another person even close to my age who feels like me and shares the same knowledge.

Thank you Vigilant citizens, if we band together in dark times we may just find our way to the light.

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