How Prince William Stopped the New Madrid False Flag in America (The Prince Charles & Obama Deception)

invertedprince_william-443726fredafireThe Illuminati Script-The Real Obama Deception

I do not know what you idiots in America have been told by your dumb, slow, loud mouth white trash radio host “leaders” but Obama was installed into the U.S. by British Intelligence. Obama was never anything more than a tool of British Intelligence and he answered directly to Prince Charles.
The Chinese and Russians had nothing to do with Obama. China and Russia have nothing to do with the bullshit that is going on in the U.S. Nearly every single terror attack and man made natural disaster in the US was ordered by Prince Charles.

In fact, it was Prince Charles that ordered and ran the operation for the US Army Corp of Engineers, a bunch of civilian racist fucks, to destroy levees in the Mid West and create man made flooding. It had nothing to do with climate change or any where near a natural disaster. There are photos of Prince Charles giving Obama direct orders to attack and destroy America.

Prince Charles and Goldman-Sachs bankers out of NY and Europe were behind the taking of African-Native American monthly payments, while the banker and nazi run Washington Post and Huffington Post did the propaganda, which said that Native Americans could not be mixed with black, therefore they aren’t entitled to these benefits. This all happened under the Obama Admin.

Prince Charles ordered the destruction of US Farms and US Ranchers. Prince Charles ordered an end to farm subsidies in the U.S.

This entire Illuminati Site, that I have been running, was simply due to the fact that Prince William and I stole a blue print for a terror attack/man made disaster having to do with the New Madrid Fault which runs directly through the United States.

If Prince Charles, British Intelligence, CIA, FEMA, Homeland Sec and Senators like Dianne Feinstein of California, Lindsey “Homo” Grahm of Sout Carolina, Chuck Shumer of NY, Mary Landrieu of La. and kike, Joe Libermann of Connecticut along with Israel, would have succeeded in running this Mid-West, Southern Earth Quake Operation aka terror attack, it would have caused mass casualties (tens of thousands of Americans dead) and brought in what can only be described as UN Concentration Camps along with Google “Chip” tech. The entire thing was simply awful.

So, seeing how Prince Charles was the baller and shot caller on all of these terror attacks along with British Intelligence, Prince William and I simply stole the blue prints. All of this was hand written by Prince Charles in his notebook back in England.

Now, when ever you do something at the top of the Illuminati Pyramid, it isnt really hard to find out who did the theft. We knew about NSA, because NSA spying dates back to the 1990′s, so Prince Charles had everything hand written. All we had to do was steal the operation and it would never happen and thats just what we did.

If you can recall the leaked reports about FEMA coffins and cable news outlets like Time Warner CNN running stories on “safe zones” and all of the hype, it was in preparation for a terror attack that would be disguised as a natural disaster via Prince Charles and the Obama Admin along with the US Senate/CIA by using a secret weapon that can trigger major Earth quakes by shifting fault lines, even if the fault is not an active slip-fault and simply inactive.

Why did all of this doom and gloom about “safe zones” and FEMA coffins simply stop in 2010? It had NOTHING to do with anyone in the United States or any of your leaders, it was simply Prince William and I stealing the blueprint and therefore it NEVER came down the Illuminati Pyramid aka it didn’t rain and the rain man simply didn’t show up.

This entire fight with Prince Charles is over this one issue. We knew that we could stop it because the kike bankers on Wall St and the Anglo Trash Bankers in London had not yet moved their money to profit off of this major destruction in the United States.
As long as the bankers dont have their money in the right stocks to make a profit off of a disaster, like they did before Sept 11, WTC Attacks happened, which were coordinated by the Bush Admin, Pentagon and Israel, they would not notice these missing papers… least not right away.

To my shock, it was the United States aka CIA, Pentagon, FBI, Big Oil (Exxon, Chevron, BP, Dutch Shell) and Obama Admin that had green lighted this potential terror attack.

The United States is the ONLY country that green lights every single terror attack on its own soil, even from foreign governments. The United States was under attack by two groups of people for the past decade and they are the Europeans and Israel, which are all tied in with the Sauds in Arabia. These have always been your enemies in America along with your own government.

So, after we did this, we waited and years went by without a word because the bankers were and are so busy with a deliberate bankrupting of America via The Federal Reserve, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, that we had years to script our way out of it and that’s how you got HollywoodIlluminatiDotCom.

It is an intelligence operation that I created, by using the fact that I was an advanced member of Golden Dawn out of France for over a decade and already knew the occult magick systems of The Illuminati.

I went on Youtube and some urban black youths were talking about Jay-Z and the Illuminati, but before writing this blog I had never even seen a Jay-Z video nor did I ever see a Rihanna Video and I never owned a Beyonce CD. I never even seen a Britney Spears Video before having to bring all this shit to life.

I simply knew the Illuminati High Magick Occult System, which is many different old magick systems, all rolled into one; so I back tracked and watched all the videos and films in Hollywoood and simply broke down the meaning, as it related to the Illuminati Occult System.

Everyone jumped on the band wagon and some Hollywood Celebrities I dragged in but at the end of the day, I was writing their entire script and game plan. It was a deflection technique in an attempt to hide the fact that Prince William and I stopped a terror attack in America, which these idiots had been planning for at least a decade.

So, Prince Charles can not threaten me because the poor ole man isnt anything but my Frankenstein. Prince Charles was hiding in shadows and directing shit from behind the scene but he desperately needed and wanted the spot light.

After the Hatitian Earthquake, we saw Bill Clinton and Bush steal millions of dollars from a Haitian Victim Relief Fund and Hillary Clinton was helping a Protestant White Bitch from Idaho, Laura Silsby, run a Black Child Sex Trade Ring in Haiti.

I simply stop giving Bill Clinton things to say, because before that mess happened, Bill Clinton was basically using my words to create his global speeches. All of a sudden Prince Charles got all of this attention by alternative blogs and media. Prince Charles was now the new Bill Clinton because he was elevated by me. But when I tried to tell him what positions to take, like going against slavery or these banker prisons, that jail black and brown people in places like Brazil, he simply started sounding like Al Gore. Prince Charles fucked himself because he can not follow a script.

The Dark Knight Shooting was good because I help craft it & their were multiple shooters, from Israel and ones working with the FBI but all of that mess with Sandy Hook & Boston Bombing was dumb & stupid and didnt really happen but of course Google, a very mediocre spy/tech/war criminal company, attempted to drag me in with the likes of idiots like VP Joe Biden, a man who sits around with bankers and talks about “killing all the Americans and blacks in Africa”, so I had nothing to do with Sandy Hook.

Sandy Hook isnt real and never happened! In fact, it was Anne Hathaway’s Pussy, as far as I was concerned. Google is too dam mediocre for my taste and better NEVER drag me into any more mess with these idiots like Joe Biden. I am simply not interested in working in that low of a level of any operation because they cant pull shit off.

All of this mess and all of these idiotic upset nerves came down when Prince William stopped that New Madrid Fault Terror Attack, which was being orchestrated by Prince Charles and the highest levels of the intelligence agency bullshit in the U.S.

Prince William and I were never “at risk” or a victim of anything or anyone because he only jumped into the script when we wrote ourselves into it and then we simply followed the usual mess to cross the threshold of these perverts.

These people, in this global banking scene & in Israel, are nothing more than a hard core Euro-White Nazi Hate Group and if you know & understand that fact and you are a person of color living in America, Latin America, Africa or Asia along with places like New Zealand, then you will understand why you are experimented on and also locked up in those nazi concentration prisons at a higher rate than those with white skin.

This is all you people need to know. Welcome to the world that Prince William Rules. We saved your dumb asses in America.

That was me drinking Prince Charles’ Blood! I thought you knew Ole Man!



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