How Elizabeth Warren Got Trolled By Trump

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News Story Source: The Daily Bell
Not the kind of troll that lives under bridges and can be tricked by billy goats.

A troll is someone who puts on a straight face and says whatever he needs to in order to get a reaction from his target.

A good troll will take a position he may not actually believe in order to make those who actually believe it look ridiculous.

I think Donald Trump actually does believe some or even most of what he says.

But look at his trolling in a more abstract sense.

It says, look, this is your political system. Look how easy it was for me to take control of the wheel. And I did it all while making a joke of the whole thing.

Trump was the subject of a 2011 Comedy Central Roast, where he was already talking about running for President. A roast is an event where celebrities tell brutal jokes about each other while sitting on the same stage.

He played a part he knew would do amazing things for his popularity. Here's a big important successful man who can take a joke.

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