How Could Somebody So Smart be So Stupid?

Now, for something completely different, let’s rack our brains
for examples of really smart people who did really stupid things
and speculate why.

I’ll suggest the obvious ones – please suggest others!

There seems to be a disconnect between intellectual intelligence and emotional maturity.

1. Bill Clinton: “I did not have sex with that woman!”  This man was US President. Did he take his responsibilities so lightly that he subjected himself to blackmail? I mean give his enemies yet another way to blackmail him?

spitzer99.jpg2.  Eliot Spitzer, left.  This man was Governor of New York. And he uses a regular upscale prostitution service. You cannot take a political stand without making enemies. Didn’t he realize this would get out? Didn’t he believe in his cause? How could he shame his wife and family?

3. Anthony Weiner. Again, was he incapable of assessing the consequences of sending selfies of his wiener to near strangers?

4. Woody Allen – Apart from the selfishness and harm done to an innocent human being, didn’t he realize that Dylan Farrow would talk?

5. JFK Jr. doesn’t belong in this company. But if I were planning a career in politics, and my father and uncle were assassinated, I would not  by flying a Cessna.

edwards-love-child-photo.jpg6.  John Edwards letting his videographer Rielle Hunter seduce him, and bear his love child, while is wife has cancer. This man was John Kerry’s running mate in 2004 and ran for president in 2008. Goodbye political career. Smart but stupid.

7. Tiger Woods. “Don’t be controlled by your d**k. It will ruin your life.” Tiger Woods-A Lesson for All Men.

8.  Dominique Strauss Kahn, Secretary General of the IMF, in line to become President of France, threw it all up to assault a hotel maid? (IMF Chief’s Sex Behavior Typical of Illuminati)

9. CIA Director David “Betrayus” – admitted he “screwed up royally” boinking his biographer.

10. Jim writes: “Jimmy Swaggart – A televangelist who exposed a fellow minister’s sexual misdeeds but was himself later exposed by that same minister for having sex with a prostitute.

11. Jim Bakker – A televangelist who defrauded millions of dollars from his viewer, paid off his secretary for her silence, and was later accused of raping her. He was sentenced to 45 years in prison and a $500,000 fine but was released after doing only 5 years and no fine.
12. Ted Haggard – A minister of a mega-church in Colorado who paid a male masseur for sex and drugs. Was also accused of masturbating in front of another man in a hotel room. Why do people risk everything to do such things? I believe that it basically boils down to one thing; the thrill. The desire for the elicit outweighs the consequences of being caught.
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