House Report, Evidence Redacted, Ties Snowden to Russian Agencies

The House Intelligence Committee on Thursday released a 33-page report portraying the former intelligence contractor Edward J. Snowden, who in 2013 disclosed classified files about American surveillance operations, as a habitually disgruntled worker who damaged national security and has been in contact with Russian intelligence services in Moscow.

“Although Snowden’s objective may have been to inform the public, the information he released is also available to Russian, Chinese, Iranian and North Korean intelligence services; any terrorist with internet access; and many others who wish to do harm to the United States,” the report said.

Mr. Snowden, who has been living as a fugitive in Russia since disclosing archives of National Security Agency files to journalists in Hong Kong in June 2013, responded with a series of posts on Twitter that ridiculed the report as riddled with “obvious falsehoods” and said that his critics “can present no evidence of harmful intent, foreign influence, or harm.”

“Bottom line: this report’s core claims are made without evidence, and are often contrary to both common sense and the public record,” he added.

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