Homer Simpson Kidnapped by the Illuminati for Exposing Vaccination Conspiracy

In episode six of the twelfth season of the Simpsons The Computer Wore Menace Shoes, Homer buys a computer and decides to set up his own website.

Referring to himself as “Mr. X” to protect his identity, he begins posting rumours online about Sprinfield’s residents which eventually leads him to winning the Pulitzer Prize for his online exposés.

When he writes about a vaccination conspiracy however, in which a mind control serum is being added to flu shots to drive people to shop, he is kidnapped and exiled to a secret island where people who “know too much” are kept.

Interestingly, the episode also makes reference to the evil Mr. Burns selling deadly uranium to terrorists, and a new race being discovered 6 inches under Denver.

Attention: Some crazy creeps on an island somewhere are secretly running the world!
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