Hollywood’s Lesbian Illuminati & Male Soul Mates of Satan

There is a big gender divide in Hollywood. You have the female click of Satanic Circles that includes people like Ellen DeGeneres, Jodie Foster, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Kristen Stewart and then you have the male click.
A big part of Hollywood Satanism and the Hollywood Cult of Personality involves ritual occult parties but the reality is that these Hollywood Parties usually acts as initiations into Hollywood along with providing black mail material, which is then leveraged to maintain the Hollywood Code of Silence.
What makes it really difficult when it comes to discussing the female Hollywood Illuminati is the fact that there is a female jurisprudence of occult which is off limits to men and vice versa. 
  • Usually I talk from the male perspective on what guys around Hollywood do because the occult rituals in Hollywood are mostly segregated by gender except in group sex gang bang rituals like the ones that allowed Brad Pit to fall in love with Anjie Jolie, after everyone else had their way with her.  
And this is something that isn’t prejudiced to the Illuminati but in many pagan religions like Santeria or Voodoo, a distinction is made on the roles of men and women and in Santeria, only a heterosexual male is allowed to perform prophesies using the demon/angel table, which was also a device lifted by John Dee, the famous occultist for the British and French Aristocrats.
I am not trying to sound like I am gay bashing or saying that women are less of a force nor am I trying to sound Afro-Centric but the fact remains that when it comes to working with demon magick or what some even call Angel Magick, the wizard, warlock, priest or heterosexual male is bestowed with the most power and it has been that way since the very beginning or at least since the Fallen Ones created the man-gods of the Earth & taught them the arts, spells, religions, medicine, herbs, war fare and divination.
People are accusing me of being Afro-Centric or saying that gays/women are less, but the fact remains that all of these occult/modern religion discipline did stem from Africa and from the earliest days there was a rule that homosexual men were to be viewed upon as women and therefore they were not allowed to give prophesy nor did they have the power to manifest a fallen angel or Lucifer but they could get knowledge from a familiar spirit or unclean spirit.
The reason why it is more difficult in writing about what goes on at female Illuminati parties in Hollywood is because I have never been inside the home of Ellen DeGeneres or Jodi Foster when they would sacrifice children and force young actresses like Miley Cyrus or Kristen Stewart to drink the blood.
I have only heard of this from some actresses that took part in the lesbian sex occult rituals.
Even when Miley Cyrus was at Disney and she was forced into Satanic Initiation, I knew that her father, the country singer Bill Ray Cyrus, would drop her off and then he was forced to leave and Miley Cyrus alone with someone and she could not speak to him about the lesbian occult rituals that happens around Hollywood on any given Sabbath.
When a young Miley Cyrus was forced to posed nude, it was once again a case where Billy Ray Cyrus had to drop her off and leave her alone in NY with celebrity photographer, Annie Liebovitz, and from what I understand, Annie Liebovitz would force herself on Miley Cyrus and even carve Jewish Hebrew Letters into the soles of her feet to bind her soul to Lucifer, which she had to do for fame, beauty and fortune.
Now Jodie Foster on the other hand, is one of the head female witches in Hollywood. She was raised in L.A. but she wasn’t raised as an American.  Jodie Foster went to a school in Beverly Hills that is funded by the Illuminati out of France and even til this day, she pretty much lives in France, she is fluid in French and attends the lesbian occult rituals up in Belgium along with Hillary Clinton (who is also part French) and Ellen DeGeneres, yet another French Illuminati Sorceress.
Nearly all of the very old Illuminati Rituals are written in French Books.  If one really goes looking for antique, rare books on occult Illuminati rituals, chances are it will be in French and coming from France.
I only heard that Kristen Stewart was locked up in Jodie Foster’s home for days due to being possessed by a female demon (lillith in Jewish texts but Aradia in Pagan-Celtic), while Jodie Foster used a sexual device on her, in order to initiate Kristen Stewart into the click.
This event took place a few months before Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart started filming the Panic Room Film and it was arranged by the Hollywood Studio System.
Using a sexual device aka dildo on a virgin girl is not uncommon in the occult, in fact even in Wiccan Initiation this type of ritual takes place.
In fact when Wiccan first became popular in the US, back in the 1960′s this ritual was clearly laid out in the Wiccan “how to” books but over the decades it has been censored and removed because some “play wiccans” simply couldn’t stomach the rituals of their own supposed craft, which is why I do not take modern day witches or wiccans serious.  I happen to know that Wiccan Rituals are now mostly fake and made-up b.s.
In 2011, actress and talk show host, Rosie O’Donnell even started to talk about the Hollywood Female Occult Parties and Rosie O’Donnell made references to the under age girls that would be forced to attend these parties and from what I understand this is what got her fired by Oprah from the OWN Network.
So, women do their sexual dirt around Hollywood and I don’t want people to think that its just a guy thing, when it comes to these Hollywood Occult Parties and rituals.
Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar, is a straight up Satanist Cabbalist.  She is like the singer Madonna being that she lives breaths and dies for indoctrinating the public into the occult via subtle techniques and methods and they are both trained in Jewish Mysticism.
Judaism is really the father of the big modern main religions but even  if we look at main stream Judaism, the main part of converting into Judaism is the drawing of blood from the male penis.  I don’t think that it is possible for a female to convert into Judaism even though they allow women converts but most Rabbis do not consider female gentiles to be Jews (but they will never say this), even after converting because there is no Jewish convert ritual that is laid out for females and most importantly there is no blood involved with females, as there are with male converts and no blood being offered to Abraham in Judaism means that the Rabbis really don’t consider the conversion to be legit or authentic.
Even if we watch the film Cruel Intentions with Reese Witherspoon and Sarah Michelle Gellar, we see the efforts being made by Hollywood Illuminati to destroy Christianity.  We see everything from a cross that is really used to hold cocaine, which Sarah sniffs, we see lesbian scenes and even a scene with an actress dancing after being initiated, by Sarah’s character, into a secret society.
The film Cruel Intentions really was a subtle blue print for what really goes on around Hollywood.  When it comes to female Illuminati, we always find these strong dominant women that portray themselves as vulnerable, funny, normal and innocent to the public aka Ellen DeGeneres and Jodie Foster but behind the scenes these same women prey upon the young starlets that are handed over to them by the Hollywood Illuminati Studio System.
The only reason why I even know as much as I do about what a young starlet has to undergo before being let into films is because I would ask some of the female executives around Hollywood and they would some times tell me enough to where I could pin point the exact ritual that was taking place in Jodie Foster’s home.
Cassie Warner, the sister of the Warner Brothers that founded Warner Bros Studio, one time told me about a ritual that involved Miley Cyrus drinking the menstrual blood of Sandra Bullock.
I don’t have any reason to think that Cassie Warner would lie to me, plus I know what the men do and its all pretty much consistent except with female rituals, it is more to do with emotional demonic manipulation because women connect via emotions where men connect more through the physical.
Actress Sandra Bullock is currently living in New Orleans and already we have cases of female sexual occult abuse that are being covered up by the local media in that city.
We have yet another shocking event in New Orleans that involves actor Brad Pit and Anjie Jolie pressuring the La. Governor, Piyush Jindal, a Catholic-Occultist that performs exorcism, now passing a law to allow Brad Pit and Anjie Jolie to fund an occult school of Satanism that will be disguised as a normal private school.
Brad Pit and Anjie Jolie have been pushing for the destruction of La. Public Schools since 2006 and being that Brad Pit wants to be Mayor of New Orleans and Bloody Jolie, as she is called in Hollywood, wants to head up a United Nations New World Order Region, so they brain stormed this con and from the looks of it, in less than 2 years, Brad Pit and Jolie will get their Illuminati School in New Orleans and it will be paid for by La. Tax Payers.
Now with the male occult rituals, I have seen with my own eyes what goes down.  First, the King Solomon Jews, the Hollywood Jews that are genetically predisposed to the tribe of Satan or Synagogue of Satan as it says in the Revelations Section of the gentile bible, arrange most of these rituals.
I have seen with my own eyes on how guys are paired up as Soul Mates of Satan, kinda like Yale’s Skulls & Bones when two frat brothers are left in a coffin for 24 hours in order to sexually bond.
So the reason why there is this big Hollywood Code of Silence is because if you are able to talk about any of this then it means that you are also caught up into something and someone also can talk about your “path”.
For example, a lot of studios were afraid to not hire actor Toby McGuire and they were scared for decades of not casting Toby McGuire in a certain film because if you mess with Toby McGuire now you also find yourself in a fight with Leonardo DiCaprio. Tony McGuire got his Spiderman Roles due to DiCaprio and these two even wear matching underwear, and I will leave it at that.  In fact Toby McGuire (who was playing basketball with Obama and Clooney last month after a ritual) gets all of his work due to Leonardo.
Matt Damon and Ben Afflect. Clooney and Brad Pit.  Jay Z and Kanye West.  These arent normal male-male friendships.  These are men bonded through some form of Illuminati Satanic Ritual. And I’m gonna leave it at that.
Why? Well lets just say that there has been some Hollywood Occult Parties going on behind studio walls where everyone is male and everyone is naked.
There are some female parties that go down in Hollywood where everyone is female and everyone is naked.
I’m just saying that shit be going down in Hollywood and no can say anything for obvious reasons of self-preservation.
If one guy has three buddies and he wants to rob a bank, then they all gotta rob the bank together because now no one will say anything because they are all guilty. Its the same in Hollywood.  You cant be an observer of the occult and be successful in Hollywood. Everyone has to do it and that way no one will say anything because now everyone is involved in the crime. Everyone belongs to Lucifer in Hollywood.  They are pushing an agenda and waging a silent war for your soul.
Nicolas Duplessis

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