History’s Most Mysterious Secret Societies

History's  Most Mysterious Secret Societies

Mysterious and almost invisible, these secret societies changed the course of history! Secret societies have always fascinated us, we want to know why they exist, what they did and who are their members and leaders. Find out why the secret societies described in this book are worth knowing about.

For as long as humans have gathered together to form societies, there has been a subset of people who have form secret groups. Away from the prying eyes of the main group, these people have formed societies, unions, guilds, leagues, and other organisations with a wide variety of purposes. While some people gather together to drink beer in private and reminisce about the past, other groups have deeper, more complicated, and more nefarious purposes. On occasions such as these, the secret societies become instantly more fascinating.

For whatever reason, these groups cannot exist in the public eye. Whether this is because they are breaking the law, operating in a clandestine fashion, or because they fear retribution from other secret societies, they were often the only ones who knew. At the time, their ability to remain secret often meant the difference between life and death. Now, many years later, we can look back on these secret groups and try and lean exactly what they represented.

In this book, we will look into murder, assassinations, political coups, and events which left a huge impact on the history of the world. Behind some of the most tragic events in human history, these secret societies have operated in the shadows. Their influence has been felt in every corner of the world. Secrecy is not endemic to one country or one continent. Instead, all humans have a small part of themselves which craves the secrecy afforded to these groups. But only some of us manage to bond together to form societies such as these. That’s why they are remembered as the most mysterious secret societies in the world.

The secrets societies exposed in this book include:

  • The Assassins;
  • The Order of the White Lotus
  • The Carbonari
  • The Underground Railroad
  • The Black Hand

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