Hillary’s Two Paths to the White House! What Will Follow Will Threaten the Lives of Every Americ

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News Story Source: Dave Hodges – The Common Sense SHow
Which Path Will Hillary Follow?

CBS News on 6/9/2020, with Nora O'Donnell at the 11:40 mark if you can see a rebroadcast) asked Joe Biden was ask about his pick for VP, to be announced in early August and he said the following: "I want someone strong – someone who can / is ready to be President on day one."

Therefore, if Biden picks Hillary as VP and they are elected, what would prevent Joe from stepping down at inauguration and abdicating the throne to Hillary on the spot?

Hillary may not be electable and is unable to successfully run for President because she is polarizing, even within her own party. However, as the VP on a ticket with Biden, the anti-Hillary crowd would not be as adamant about her playing second fiddle.

Demented Joe Biden could be the prearranged Hillary ticket into the Oval office for Dictator Hillary and her intentions to wipe out all opposition to the New World Order emergence as America is systematically destroy
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