Hillary Answers Judicial Watch Under Oath – "Does Not Recall" Most Of Her Tenure As Secretary Of State

Back in August, U.S. District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan granted Judicial Watch the right to ask 25 questions of Hillary Clinton about the creation of her private email server which she was required to answer under oath (we wrote about it here). This morning Hillary filed her response to those 25 questions which can be best summarized by the following stats:

Occurrences of the phrase “Does Not Recall”: 20

Occurrences of the word “Object” or “Objection”: 84

To summarize the 23-page response, Hillary “does not recall” the majority of her tenure as Secretary of State and “objects” to everything that she does recall.

Another phrase that occurs throughout the document, well at least in response to the questions that she actually decided to answer, implies that she was under the illusion that all of her emails subject to FOIA requests would be captured on the email systems of her staffers who actually decided to follow the law and use “state.gov accounts.”


2016.10.14 – Hillary Questions by zerohedge on Scribd

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