Here's Why the New Climate Agenda Could Lead to an Energy Crisis of Epic Proportions

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News Story Source:, by Chris MacIntosh
What could possibly go wrong? But that is what is effectively happening in the energy market.

"California energy regulators approved energy efficiency standards aimed at vastly expanding the use of electric appliances for space and water heating in new homes and businesses, in a shift away from using fossil fuels to heat and cool buildings."

Congress is pushing to end all oil drilling in most US offshore waters, thwart potential mining in the western part of the country, and invest billions of dollars in conservation. This is a $31.7 billion measure, approved 24-13 by the House Natural Resources Committee, and would also impose new fees on oil and mining companies while "funding drought relief, conservation, and other programs."

This sounds like a boondoggle if ever there was one.

It is now set to be folded into a broader multi-trillion-dollar "social reform and climate change bill" that is taking shape in the House.

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