Here's what the military thinks about Trump (eye-opening!)

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News Story Source: Horn News
The September online poll gathered knowledge from roughly 1,100 active-duty service members.

According to the poll, the military's overall favorability rating of President Trump is a popular 44%. The general public is a tad lower, coming in slightly under 40%.

While the poll suggests that the President is very popular among enlisted troops, officers do not favor him as much.

President Trump's strong support from enlisted troops lands him at a 48% favorability rating, but only about 30% of officers feel the same.

Officers, women, and minorities share a similar skepticism about the President, but when all troops were asked their opinion of the handling of Trump's military policies, around 55% were all in favor.

Among the several military branches, President Trump's favorability is highest among Marines at 59%. The President is also favored by 46% of the Army troops and 38% of the members of the Air Force.

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