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Jim Stone is “The Fugitive”

Ex-NSA analyst Jim Stone is on the run from authorities for posting incriminating information on his website. Here he answers Benjamin Fulford’s suggestion that he seek asylum at a Washington DC embassy.

by Jim Stone

I have discovered it is not easy to walk into an embassy and ask for
asylum.  The first thing they think is I am a spy.  Many hand you a stack
of papers and say go through the immigration division.  And Russia?  Do
you think I would survive there?  Are you silly?  Sure, they would LOVE
me, at first, because I could tell them all about America’s ultrawideband
program and encryption/decryption methods but what would be the point?
They are evil also, another U.S.A.

Benjamin, there is evil in just about all nations.  It is not easy to
select one where I could just go there and shut up.  I am an intelligent
man with a virtually instant learning curve.  I would quickly uncover
corruption in whatever nation I went to if it existed and would be right
back to the same old problems.  There are a few true nations out there and
all of them fear America badly.  How do you think THAT plays out with them
in regard to me, considering my background?  They are afraid of me.
Rightly so.

Don’t let suspicion get in the way of your opinion about my work.  It is
accurate.  I am not a psy op.

You fail to realize the absolute secrecy these people operate under.  They
do not want ANY leaks AT ALL, and will sit patiently, patiently, analyzing
in the background the exact right time to nail someone – during a lull in
reporting, when another event is providing a distraction, or when anything
has occurred which will obscure what really happened to someone –
plausible deniability, and THEN make a hit if it can be done with

The latest storm trooper one was pretty brazen.  But where it happened –
there would have been ZERO witnesses.  I don’t know how the hell they got into position  without being noticed – There were so many of them. They
were in the full riot gear, and there was not a single vehicle ANYWHERE on
a mile long stretch of road.  It was just an empty road.  So you can’t
walk down it in riot gear without SOMEONE driving by and noticing (cars go
through about once every four or five minutes) and yet there was
absolutely nothing parked on the road anywhere.  That was a high level
operation, NOT the local police.

ford.jpegThe road parallels an abandoned double wide stretch of railroad tracks.

So there was a bank of grass and thorn bushes, then the rocks, then two railroad tracks, the open area on the other side, and then the woods.
They were laying in the tall grass just before the woods, and smashed it all down, they were close together.  The way they were arranged made it look like the railroad company came by and placed evenly spaced supplies to fix the track with, but it’s abandoned and at first glance I wondered why they wanted to fix the tracks. 

I paused and stared, and then realized it was not inventory, it was a row of storm trooper helmets – the full face ones, looking right at me.  One of them moved, slowly, carefully.  I got a good clear look at them, from far enough away to get a good head start.  Lucky lucky lucky.  They were positioned EXACTLY where I entered the woods to get back to where I was hiding.

And to be honest, I know this will sound silly, but I knew the troopers
would not follow me out onto a road where there could be a witness.  And
when I walked away (I did not run) I actually felt proud of myself,
because if they spent THAT MUCH on me, I mean something.  I REALLY got their attention.

And I won’t stop.  My wife is pissed off.  She told me yesterday that if I
published ANYTHING MORE she would leave me.  She is very upset about how my writing wrecked our lives. I had a successful business and she is a
Doctorate of Pharmacology. We should be living well, but because of the
writing I am in a tent, running for my life and she is stuck in Saudi
Arabia, unable to travel.  The article Tainted Nightmare is from when we
were dating – it was the thing that brought us together, so I thought she
would be there through all of this.  NOPE.  She hates the reporting and
wants me to stop.

Anyway, I am real.

Jim’s Web Site

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