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shamir.jpegIsrael Shamir: Al Qaeda admits it is an American Asset

Interview with Russia Today Feb 12

The al-Qaeda  “fully supports the U.S. State Department.”

an Arabic language interview with the channel “Russia Today” on February 12, Israeli critic Israel Shamir said: “Al Qaeda has taken off its mask and shown that it
supports the U.S. State Department as a whole. The myth that al-Qaeda
fights American imperialism died in Syria when it  initiated terrorist bombings
in Aleppo, which
to many casualties. It has become clear for al-Zawahiri to express
support for the insurgency in Syria and the forces of the U.S. and Saudi
Arabia that Al Qaeda was all a lie, and who was behind the rule is the same
as President Obama, who stands behind Mrs. Clinton. “

Shamir said that Moscow’s position is
not to incite Assad to suppress the opposition, but to promote dialogue with the Syrian opposition, but not with the opposition behind the terrorism.

pointed out that Saudi Arabia has found itself in a very difficult situation and
said: “The population of this country lacks intellectuals and engineers in contrast to Syria, and Egypt.

explained that “Saudi Arabia is trying to appease Washington
by maintain its position in the Arab world.”

pointed to the existence of “active forces” in Saudi Arabia that wish to
establish control over the whole of the Arab space and create “a type
of succession.” He warned that
Saudi Arabia’s lack of resources to achieve these ambitions could
threaten the survival of Saudi Arabia as a state.


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