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Fukushima Radiation Risk to US Exaggerated

The mass media, including the alternative media, are using fear mongering to agitate the public. So says Don, a reader from Washington State,
armed with a radiation detector.

by Don

After the Fukushima disaster, I read about huge radiation clouds headed to my area from Japan. Naturally I was concerned and initially believed the news delivered by the mainstream media.

I happen to live about halfway between Seattle and Vancouver and work at an oil refinery. Among my many responsibilities is repairing X-ray machines used to measure the amount of sulfur in diesel fuel and other products.

In addition to a dosimeter ring I wear, I also use a radiation detector to check the machines routinely and after any maintenance and repair. The rings are stored in a place that would pick up any ambient radiation and have showed no perceptible increase since the disaster.

The radiation detector is sent yearly to a facility that calibrated it each year to a cesium 137 standard. That device measures alpha, beta, gamma, and X-ray radiation. It is certified to the national bureau of standards.

After 3/11/11, I watched the news warning of radiation reaching the west coast of North America. The Seattle Times had articles saying radiation was hitting western Washington State and was showing up in rainwater and getting into milk and other foods. Similar news was also on the internet showing a radiation cloud heading across the northern hemisphere.

Out of curiosity I started to test the air and rainwater after the disaster. Prior to 3/11, I had no reason to test anything outside the refinery laboratory so I have no baseline to compare to.

However the readings I measured outside were well within safe levels. Inside, I had noticed a slight increase in the radiation measured as compared to the ambient levels I remembered in the laboratory prior to 3/11/11. The increase is less than you would get if you compared sea level background radiation to background radiation in an airliner. The bottom line is I think the media is using fear mongering to stir up the population.

Like you, Benjamin Fulford broke off the relationship with Jeff Rense over the Fukushima disaster. Fulford says the radiation risk in Japan is overblown, and I have communicated my observations to him. He says the disaster is man-made and that Japan is not under threat of becoming a wasteland. I believe him.

It appears Rense has sold out. I am disappointed. I will continue to check his website because he does post articles of interest and also links to other websites. That is how I found yours.


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