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For whatever their reasons, these
foreign powers want to destroy Greece. They are eroding Greece
economically, morally and spiritually.

by Balkanikos

The Glory that was the Hellenic Republic of Hellas/Greece is being blurred in the history books. Without an identity and without our history we are nothing…..

The betrayal of the Greek People has been an ongoing tragedy. If you research legitimate history you will discover that this is very factual.

The current situation in Greece is not something new. This had its beginnings after World War II. The American government of that time had “granted” millions of U.S. dolars to the acting Greek government. In actuality, a few families received this money. Unfortunately Greece did not really recover from that war. (Germany never paid “war reparations” to the Greek People.)

Those families that received the “American help” ($$$) are now the “Oligarchs” in business and politics, basically paid puppets of the we$t. If that money was carefully distributed to rebuild Greece, the nation would not have become what it now is…..a borderline “third-world country”.

In this day and age the other Balkan nations are making, what seems to be, progress. Greece, on the other hand, is stagnant and faltering on the “edge of the abyss”.

The current “economic situation”, or fiasco, is not something new.

The government of Greece, whether wearing the mask of conservatives or socialists, is “in the pocket” of foreign powers. These puppet rulers do not care about the Greek People. They did not ask the people of Greece if they wanted European Union membership. They did not ask the Greek people if they wanted the EURO currency. These were forced upon them.

As with many other nations, the governments cater to foreign powers and banks, not to their people..

For example, former prime minister Kostas Simitis, of Greece had secret meetings with Goldman Sachs. These people falsified documents that stated that Greece was at the same standard level as the wealthy European nations. 

In reality, Greece is not at this level. It is not an industrial nation. The few things that it exports do not even make a fraction of what is required and necessary to officially have EURO currency.

Thus the betrayal of the Greek People continues…..For whatever their reasons, these foreign powers want to destroy Greece. They are eroding Greece economically, morally and spiritually.

It is very shameful and sad that this nation that was the  “cradle of western civilization” has been used and abused.

If Greece falls, then that Divine Spark that separates us from the animals is extinguished and in other words humanity dies with it.

Once upon a time we were the children of the Gods…..now we are orphans abandoned to the four winds……


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