Harvard University Calls Off Satanic Ritual Reenactment Following Priestly Protest

Harvard University Black Mass

A satanic ‘black mass’ ritual reenactment which was scheduled to be held in the basement of Harvard’s imposing Memorial Hall earlier this month had to be cancelled following protests by concerned churchgoers.

The “reenactment” was organised by The Satanic Temple (the same organisation behind the appointment of this¬†Baphomet statue at the Oklahoma State Capitol) who were to host the mass alongside the Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club in an attempt to mock the Catholic Church and portray Satanism as a socially acceptable and ‘trendy’ alternative to Christianity – a recurring theme we see pervading the mass media & entertainment industry today.

Following the last minute cancellation, the mass was said to have still taken place albeit away from the ‘hallowed’ grounds of the college campus, with The Satanic Temple still providing commentary to the rituals attendees.

While this event was reported as being nothing more than a harmless ‘dig’ at Christianity as well as an exercise in ‘academic’ freedom of expression, it still symbolises a sinister underlying agenda of satanism, the ‘elite’ and their unrelenting desire for the world to unwittingly embrace everything it stands for.

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