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Here’s Link To My Blog electronzio.com ( Big Sis Janet Napolitano Is A Big Fat Liar DHS Boss Caught in Perjury) Here’s The Link To My Blog electronzio.com ( Mind Control Subliminal Messages and The Dumbing Down of Society ) That Has The Alex Jones Interview With David Icke Talking About Remember Who You Are ! Hi MyName is Terry Ronzio and My Web Site is www.electronzio.com This is The 2nd Video Of 8 of walking 10 Miles For Our Troops And Patriotism On The Whipkey Ridge War Path In Greene County Pennsylvania On 11-6-11 (Part 2 ) 7896 Miles Walking For The Troops And Patriotism ! Of All The Videos On Youtube I Feel That Every Freedom Fighter On The Planet Should Watch The Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecy Video) and Here Is The Link to That Amazing Video www.youtube.com My Total Miles after This PATRIOTIC MARCH FOR FREEDOM is at 7896 Miles in 5 Years of Walking For The Troops and Patriotism ! Every 500 Miles that I walk I Present that Flag to a Military Unit or Soldier that has been over in The War and I’m Walking With Flag Number 16 ! Right now Flags 13 , 14 and 15 are waiting for their New Homes with 499 miles on each of them . Every Year My Goal is to do 3 legs of 500 miles a year so in order to reach this goal I try to average 30 to 40 miles a week ! As Always in these videos I Talk about Interesting Tales From My 4 Year Journey and I Bring Up Ideas on how Freedom Patriots Can Save The World From Slavery and Tyranny ! Be Brave , Be Strong , Stand Tall , Walk Proud
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