Gun & Security Stocks Surge After Nationwide Riots

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News Story Source:, Paul Joseph Watson
Gun and security stocks are surging off the back of violent riots across America, with firearms sales expected to follow suit.

Sturm Ruger & Company Inc was up as much as 8.3% on Monday while American Outdoor Brands Corporation shot up by 9.5%.

Security firm Digital Ally, Inc. saw its stocks catapult higher by over 100%.

"Gun stocks and gun sales could continue to trend higher given divisive political rhetoric will certainly dominate the headlines between now and the November election," reports Bezinga.

Firearms sales were already surging to record highs as a result of COVID-19, and anecdotal evidence suggests they could hit a new peak after this weekend's carnage.

Video footage from numerous suburbs shows groups of armed neighbors protecting their communities after rioters threatened to bring their violence to residential areas.

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