Guest: James Parker — Topic: New Hampshire State Rep — Hour 3

Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock – Radio Radio/Video Program on 2020-06-11
Hour 3 – James Parker (Running for State Rep) on his campaign and what he hopes to accomplish


Hour 3

James Parker

Running for New Hampshire State Representative


Raised a Democrat because "They're the ones who stand up for the constitutional rights of the little guy".  Ha!

 I went to college (Rutgers) during the Vietnam war years, got active in anti-war political movements and learned what the Mao-line communists were all about.  Yeech.  Discovered I was anti-statist before the word "libertarian" existed.

 Stayed pretty much apolitical until the war on drugs made me worry.  Managed to stay under the radar of hypocritical drug warriors Reagan & Bush.  Bush said: "New World Order", "The rules have changed", and, "For Kingpins, the DEATH penalty!"—while being the biggest kingpin of all.  He was smuggling c

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