Grandpa of the Year! Loving grandfather builds his grandson a ROLLER COASTER…

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News Story Source:, By Matthew Wright
According to Twitter user @HUNNITBANDBRIA, a waxer in the DMV area and mother of the child in the adorable clip, her father start building the cool coaster on May 3. 

It's unclear where the family are located in the US. 

The brief clip shows the granddad rolling the little boy along the roller coaster track, before throwing the coaster back in reverse. 

In the Thursday post, the user shared that the project was still underway.

'It's not done but they having the time of their lives,' the mother shared.

The roller coaster was made on the fence of a home. The actual coaster consisted of a toy car that had wooden wheels put onto it so that could ride on the track.

The coaster was fashioned onto a trash receptacle and made on cinderblocks and wooden rods. 

The mother's video has garnered well over 5million views since its initial Thursday posting.

With most amusement parks closed because of the coronavirus, at least this g
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